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Napoleon's White Garden

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You may remember that I planted a white memorial garden for Napoleon last autumn. It is now beginning to look beautiful and I thought I would share a few pix. I found a little white cat statue for it, and I laid the paving to lead to his headstone. I have planted it so there will be a variety of white flowers and foliage all year round. The rose on the arch is a 'Virgo', pure white and there is a white jasmine on the other side. In one corner of the garden I have a white orange blossom and in the other a large white hydrangea. The next things to come out will be white iris and some late narcissus.

Here is a a general view of the rest of the garden, half planted.

And just so you can see I have been busy, here is Persil approving the new bathroom!

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That is a lovely tribute to Napoleon! My eyes are tearing up. I asolutely love it!

Persil is right. The bathroom is beautiful.
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How beautiful! I'm so glad it worked out for you!

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Jenny, that is a lovely memorial to your beloved Napoleon!
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Jenny, that is just beautiful!! The bathroom is gorgeous as well
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Awwww, gorgeous

That bathroom is lovely!!
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That's a perfect tribute to Napoleon, Jenny. It's really lovely, as is the bathroom.
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What a beautiful, meaningful way to remember Napoleon.

The bathroom looks awesome!
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Napoleon's garden is just beautiful.
I love your bathroom too!
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Oh Jenny that is just beautiful. What a lovely way to pay tribute to your precious Napoleon and be able to use it everyday.

Your bathroom is gorgeous, too.
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Go figure! I can see the picture of the garden but I can't see the picture of Persil. I'll have to check out this thread from home tonight.
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The garden is beautiful. Such a special tribute to your boy
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What a beautiful garden for Napoleon, he would love it Jenny

Your bathroom is beautiful
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A white garden memorial -- is that traditional? It's a beautiful idea, and the little statue makes it all the more poignant. Somewhere, Napoleon is smiling.

And that bath is so inviting! Even I might be able to slow down and relax there!
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No, it's not traditional - just in memory of my white boy. I wanted to create a special spot that reminded me of him, but was calm and beautiful, a place to sit and think good thoughts. I am still looking for a white stone seat to place under the rose arch.
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How beautiful! What a neat a special thing.
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What a peaceful, beautiful garden. I especially like the statue. I have heard that white gardens by moonlight are just enchanting. beautiful tribute to a beautiful kitty!
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You created a wonderful spot in this world.

And the bathroom is gorgeous.
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What a beautiful tribute to your special boy!
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What a lovely tribute to your sweet boy, Jenny.
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Thats beautiful!

My parents have the same bathtub and tiles in their new house in sicily!
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Jenny you've done your little boy proud

Love the corner bath. Gil has one and i love it!
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That's a lovely memorial. I like that there are white flowers year-round.
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What a lovely tribute!!!

The bathroom is gorgeous as well!!!
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