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My Pipsqueek is contipated. I'm not sure exactly when his last poop was. I've been working double shifts and coming home and going straight to bed. I know I cleaned his litter on Sunday, but with 2 cats using the litters interchangably...

When I got home last night, he just looked depressed. Then I noticed that he wasn't sitting normal. So I looked. Sorry if this is TMI. His tail had a smear that I cleaned up. His anus is raw and seems to be slightly open. And he stinks like poop.

I called the vet first thing this morning for any ideas and to see if I could get an appointment. Well, the vet called in sick this morning. So the earliest she can see him is tomorrow. The tech just suggested I give him extra canned food with extra water mixed in.

A friend suggested I try sticking a cotton swab with vaseline in to lube the way. She used to do that for her children when they were infants.

HELP! Any suggestions I can do to get things moving, pun intended!
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DO NOT stick a swab into your cat ....

pumpkin can help the plain not pie filling
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