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lol, so I set up a time with H.A.R.T to go up to VA and meet the kitties. There's a ton of cats I'm looking at. So I'm hoping by seeing them in person it will help be decide who I'm bringing home. I went with fostering, so If It doesnt work out I just adopt out the kitty. Then try again, unless she doesnt like the cat companionship. Then little JuJu will be only cat kid hehe I'm SOOOO excited! Sadly I'm not taking the bundle of beauty. Its a 12HR round trip and she hates crates, not to mention long distant car rides. Believe me when I brought her home, I had to let her out of the crate because she was going crazy. I dont want to stress her out then put her with the challenge of meeting new cats. In a strange place, I think it will just do more harm than good.