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Anyone watch Big Brother?

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I have to admit I am addicted to this show, i dont know what it is about it but i cant stop watching.

Anyone else watch Big Brother? If so who are you rooting for to stay tonight?
I want Natilie to stay, she can be annoying and kinda dumb at times but I think she is a lot better then the others that are still in the house.

Well tonights show should be very interesting!
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I'm addicted to Big Brother. I cannot wait for Natalie to be out, and I hope it's this week. She just annoys me, especially when she talks about Matt. The whole religion thing with her makes me mad as well.

I don't really like anyone else that is left (James and Chelsia were my definite favs), but I'm rooting for Sharon now. And Sheila is second I guess.
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I don't Nat at all, I can't wait until he is gone..

I don't like Sharon either..or Sheila. I want Ryan to win..he has been a good guy all along.

I miss James too!
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I don't mind Ryan, and I think he is a good guy and he has played a decent game, but there is something about him that's just ... boring. When I think of this season, he's not one the top people that come to mind. James, Chelsia, Natalie, Matt, Amanda - they all come to mind before him. There's just something about him that's kinda boring, and that just might work out for him in the end. He's won the challenges he's needed win, and he's a good candidate for winning the whole thing I think.
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