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Okay so I screwed up the introductions

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Hey everyone I am new here but in desperate need for help.

I have a 11 month old cat that I got from a petshop last October and it has been me and him ever since. We bonded instantly and when ever I come home he sticks to me like glue for the first 20-40 minutes before having to take a cat nap. Every night he manages to sleep right next to me and sometimes even wakes me up in the morning by standing on me with his declawed front paws and then gently rocking back and forth. Well he seemed pretty restless the last couple of weeks so I started looking at getting another cat. My parents have another cat that he absolutly adores(though the other cat is about 2 times the size of mine). I showed him the picutres of the cats on the internet(I know I'm crazy) and he showed very little interest(big shocker here) so I took this to mean that he didn't care if I got another cat. WRONG!!!!!

Anyway I went yesterday and adopted a 6 month old orange cat from the local humain society and he is an absolute doll when he is alone with me. He doesn't stop purring and usually climbs up onto my shoulder and uses me as a climbing post(don't worry I make sure he stays safe). So I get him in the car and other then meowing for about the first...maybe 10 minutes he is an absolute doll in the car(I had him caged). Well I didn't think it would be a problem because he seemed to have a great personality so I put him and my other cat in my room and shut the door. Letting Pumpkin(the new cat) out of the cage he came right out and started to look around. I was shocked by this because Tomnus(my other cat) took about a day of hiding before he would come out. Anyway Pumpkin, after looking around for about a minute, came right up to Tomnus and, very non agressivly, started smelling him and didn't hiss or anything. Tomnus turned around, hissed, and batted at Pumpkins head. I, being shocked at this yelled at Tom and Pumkin and Tom both ran under the bed. I sat in a chair and waited to see what was happening. No hissing, now meowing, nothing for about three minutes.

Fine there getting along great. I leave the room leaving the door open that way both cats can leave when ever they want and I don't hear anything for about an hour except a few muffled meowes but I figure there playing. I check on them and bring them food and water...with in 10 minutes the fighting started. Hissing, loud meowing...everything would go on for about a minute and then they seperated and I picked up Pumpkin and put some food in another dish and fed him on the kitchen table(that way Tom didn't have to share). Everything was fine for about twenty minutes before they started to fight again. The same senario would happen and then they would seperate and everything would be fine for a minute or two. Then it would start all over again. I couldn't tell if they were playing or fighting but a little voice in the back of my head told me I wouldn't like the answer to that question. This went on for about 6.5 hours before I finally got fed up and trapped Pumpkin in the bathroom with a litterbox, food, and water. Tomnus and Pumpkin sat there approperate sides of the door and meowed for about fifteen minutes before Tom finally laid down in my room.

Pumpkin didn't stop meowing...all night the cat never slept and meowed to the point that he is now getting rather horse. I ignore it knowing that he wasn't hurt he just didn't like being trapped, I slept though the night and got woken up about an hour early by his screaming. Tomnus was fast asleep next to me(as usual) and could have cared less about the noise coming from the bathroom. I lay awake for about half an hour just listening to the cat and deciding if I should try to use the washroom(I Really had to go). Finally at about 7 this morning I get up and go to the bathroom and sure enough out bolts Pumpkin.

I use the rest room while both cats, very quietly investigate eachother and Tom comes in and investigates the bathroom. Seeing nothing very interesting he leaves and I'm not really sure where he goes. I go back into the bedroom to see Pumpkin up on the bed and I pick him up and start petting him. Still as affectionate as ever, he starts purring loudly and rubs continusly against my head and neck. He even tries to get back on my shoulder but I wasn't wearing a shirt so I put him down and start playing with him on the bed. At this point in time Tom comes back in and the fighting ensues. I think Tom was just jelous about me playing with Pumpkin on "our" bed.

Well currently, I have Pumpkin locked in the bedroom(that way he doesn't get out when I have to pee again) and Tom has the rest of the apartment to himself. His litterbox, food and water are all out of the bedroom and I am prepaired to keep this set up for as long as it takes for them to become friends. This means that I have to sleep on the couch, but i am willing to do that if it means getting to keep both my old friend and my new friend.

Some other things i should mention before I get on to my(almost obvious) question.

1. I live in a one bedroom apartment so they are going to have to live together in very tight quarters.
2. I have neighbors that I am sure didn't appreciate the meowing that happened all night last night and aren't appreciating the choius thats going on as I type this.
3. I have never ever ever seen Tom like this, he is usually very accepting of other cats though I guess I can't say that because he has only been around my mom and dads cat, who I should mention, is about 13 years old so I think Tom might respect that cat a little more(I know I give him WAY to much credit and brain power).
4. No blood was ever drawn when they were fighting but Tomnus's neck was covered in spit(I checked it was clear not red). So I know there was biting going on.

I think thats all you need to know for on to my question. Is it to late for the two of them to get along. I really really don't want to take Pumpkin back to the shelter where I got him from but I am afraid that I might have to. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated about how I can keep the two of them together and fixed what I screwed up.
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Since you are limited on space for proper intros, I suggest you try a few of these.

1. Sprinkle both cats with cornstarch baby powder.

2. Use a drop of vanilla extract on their chins and at the base of the tail.

3. Get a large dog kennel and keep one of the cats in there so they can "meet" each other without really touching. Do this for about a week.

4. Get the Feliway calming plug in.

Some other things:

Always talk to and pick up and greet the older cat FIRST when you come home. Be sure all nails are clipped. I do hope that both of them are NOT declawed. Declawing can cause more problems physically and emotionally. Be sure to play with each cat equally.

I'm assuming both of them are neutered - if not, get it done - that will solve most of your problems.
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so your saying this isn't beyond hope...thats great news

I was actually worried you guys would say that I would have to give him up. Tom is front declawed(has to be by my lease agreement) and neutered and Pumpkin has yet to be altered in either way but next wednesday he is getting neutered and also front declawed.

Okay a few questions:

1) I already have a cat carrier so would that work instead of the large kennel?
2) How do I get into the room with out him escaping because he is laying right by the door and hasn't moved in about an hour?
3) Should I keep them seperated other than the face to face meeting with Pumpkin in the carrier?
4) The carrier was Toms and he knows that, so should i get a new one or just use the same one?

I think thats about it for now, I have to run to class(I'm a college student) So I will be on in about 2 more hours to check more suggestions and to check on Pumpkin to make sure he hasn't hurt himself or escaped somehow.
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Okay so I tried the crate/carrier idea and both seemed pretty indifferent towards eachother. Pumpkin was more interested in getting the heck out of the cage(chewed the bars to try to get out and clawed at the sides of it) and Tom was to busy trying to figure out what I wanted him to see even though it was directly in front of him. So after about ten minutes of failed interaction I gave up and put Pumpkin back into the bed room. The only problem was i couldn't get out with out him wanting to get out also. It took me 15 minutes to get out of the room, partially because during one of my escapes Tom came into the room so I had to get him out which took 10 minutes. Meanwhile my not so understanding girlfriend was waiting online for me to come back from the bathroom. 16 messages later I was able to get back to her(finally made my escape). Now Pumpkin is meowing and trying to rip the door of the hinges...and Tom is now adding to the orchestra. *sighs* Oh the joys of having pets.
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My self personally would not of had another cat if i had to have it declawed,i dont think i could live with myself if i mutilated a part of my family in such a way.Perhaps he would be better going to another home where he dosent have to be declawed.
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I do agree that if you HAVE to declaw it would be better to take back Pumpkin back and adopt an already declawed cat. While your first cat may be fine, Pumpkin might not (he could start biting more, peeing outside the litter pan, etc.) from you declawing him.

In the future, look for a place to live that doesn't require cats to be declawed. Its inhumane and you create more problems with the cat by doing so. Before you go much further, return Pumpkin.
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Originally Posted by algebrapro18 View Post
. Tom is front declawed(has to be by my lease agreement)
I suggest you look into alternatives such as soft paws, or keep the claws clipped. It seems most landlords are uneducated about declawing, or just stuck in their ways so don't know about alternatives.

Do you know what's involved in declawing? I hope you do some research before putting him through that. In most countries outside the US it's illegal and we all manage to keep cats just fine with all their claws.
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I am taking him back right after I type this. It just better for everyone/thing involved that he find a better home where he can be happy. Its sad that I can't give him that home but on top of him not getting along with my other cat I don't think I am ready for the responsiblity of two cats.

So now that the home is back to normal how long will it be before Tomnus gets back to his normal self. He seems VERY VERY depressed right now, he won't even look me in the face at the moment. Anyway its an hour drive so I better get going just wondering when my other cat will get back to normal.
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Might take a few days, but willing to bet things will be normal by the weekend. I'm glad you made the right decision for all concerned.

Tho, if things improve and you are ready for another cat down the road - please pick out a declawed cat and don't declaw another one.
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i do agree that if you cant use any other alternatives to declawing, you should take him back. but there ARE other ways to handle this, as mentioned before Soft Paws are a great way to keep claws under control. but other than that, just bc the two arent getting along right now doesnt mean that they wont get used to each other. thats how most cats are, theyre territorial, & when u bring another cat into their territory, they get mad, but then they get over it. it could take days, weeks, even months for Tom to get used to Pumpkin (if u keep him). but just bc they dont get along, doesnt mean u have to give up the new cat to make Tom happy. he will get over it eventually.
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Just curious what happened?
Your cat may be happier on his own. Not all cats like a cat companion.
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