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STILL looking for a kitty . . .

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I went to a couple shelters this weekend, just to look. I wanted to see what they were like and how things worked there. It is so heart-breaking seeing all those kitties that need homes! (The breeder I was supposed to go see was sick, so that had to be postponed.) I have narrowed my search down to either Russian Blues or Burmese, IF I get a purebred. (Which I probably will, because of my fiance. Long story as to why. I'd like to get one from a rescue organization, though.)

I thought Bombays looked really nice, too, but there aren't any breeders in my state. I was thinking that for my first cat, it would be nice to get a cat from somewhere close. Does anyone have any experience with out of state breeders? Does that usually work well?
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I bought my Zacky from a breeder in Canada, on the opposite coast. It worked fine. Zacky has flown farther in his life than I have. He had a several hour flight but he did just fine. So I would try it if you want a certain breed that isn't available close to you. But I know what you mean about getting a rescue kitty. Sally is my rescue kitty. I wanted two cats but only bought one. Becky
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There's no reason you can't rescue a purebred cat! Check out www.petfinder.org , there are currently 227 Russian Blues and 48 Burmese, as well as 56 Bombays listed.

You won't have "papers", most likely, but that won't make the cat any less of that particular breed. One of my cats, Coal, is a Russian Blue, adopted from the SPCA. Also, you can investigate breed "rescues" on the web via search engines.

PS This way, both you and your fiance will get what you wanted! A win-win situation!
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OK, yet another question. A couple of the cats that I have seen online are declawed. I personally don't agree with declawing, as I think it is in-humane and it can cause behavior problems. It isn't bad to adopt a declawed cat, is it? It's not like it's the cat's fault!! Declawing doesn't automatically make them overly defensive, does it? I wouldn't know as neither I nor any of my friends believe in declawing.
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i would buy one from a shelter, i don't like buying from breeders.
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You're right, it isn't the cat's fault at all. There are quite a few members here who adopted declawed cats and the kitties are just loves! I remember hearing that declawed cats are sometimes harder to place than clawed cats. You're also right that declawed cats can have behaviour problems, but if you and your fiance are willing to work with the kitty you could be a godsend to an otherwise "unadoptable" cat. Of course, we are here to help with any behavior problems that may pop up.
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Thanks, Heidi.

Oh, this is such a hard decision. Maybe I'm putting too much thought into this. I feel so bad for all the cats that need homes! I personally just care that I get a really sweet cat. I have started talking to a lady involved in another rescue group who is very nice and very helpful. I may go see her kitties. If I fall in love with one, I may just have to tell my fiance too bad about the purebred! lol

I really think that he just THINKS purebreds are nicer because he just so happened to meet a couple mean cats that weren't purebred, and then he met my mother's cats that are all purebred and they were nice. So, his conclusion is purebreds make better pets. (He never had cats growing up himself.) I'll have him converted to a true cat-lover within a couple years. Bwah-ha-ha.
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I found this cute Russian Blue on petfinder who happens to be in Georgia! Isn't she cute?? She looks a bit sassy!
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Just had to share this one too!! They're so cute!!http://www.petfinder.org/pet.cgi?act...preview=&row=0
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Thanks you guys! Actually, Michelle, Tara and Sage were the kitties that I was looking into getting! But they said that they probably won't still be available in May. *sniff* I asked if I could go see them and reserve one of them if we were right for each other, but they haven't answered me yet.
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I live in an apartment complex in Lawrenceville, GA. I moved here in June of 2001, and there has been a stray kitty roaming the complex since then. Whenever he sees people he comes running, crying. I started feeding him last year. Once you do that it's all over. A few weeks ago my husband and I moved into a newer and larger apartment within the same complex. Well, he found us. Today, he greeted me at the door soaked to the bone from the rain, shivering, and crying. He wanted me to let him in. If I didn't already have 3 other cats, I wouldn't have hesitated. I will keep him if needed, I can take care of him, but I'm getting up there in cat numbers, and would prefer not to. But, I do work for a vet, and I've become attached to this fellow, as he is very, very sweet, loves to be pet, and flips over on his back. So I grabbed a carrier and got the courage to pick him up. No struggling at all. He fell asleep in the car. He was fiv/felv tested today, as well as had his Rabies, distemper, leukemia. All tests are negative, and he is suprisingly healthy for a cat that has been outdoors for so long. He was dewormed, and tested for heartworms. He was an angel for the vet, and was giving everyone kisses. He had a bath today because he was filthy and has some fleas. He is intact, so tomorrow he will be neutered. Also, I will give him some Revolution which will treat for fleas, heartworms, intestinal parasites, and earmites (given every 30 days)

Sorry for the long message, but I really want to find a wonderful home for this guy, he deserves it. Let me know if interested.

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BTW, vet estimates he is about 4 years old. He is a DSH, black/white with a white tip on his tail. I named him Wesley, after the apartment property name.
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