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Daily Thread HUMP day April 16th!

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Morning my friends!

Its going to be 15 degrees and sunny here today!! OMG, I love love love Spring!!!

I am not doing much of anything after work today..probably stop at the grocery store to get some stuff..but other than that, not much. I'm going to be staying late today to make some calls though Its going to be hard with this weather.

Ummmmm, that is all really...have a great day!
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Afternoon It's freezing here and i can't wait to get home.

Just did my grocery shopping order online for next week. It's great
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Its going to be quite warm today for this time of year but also really windy-gusts to 40 mph!!

I going to work this am and it won't be fun raking when its windy but hey I won't have as much stuff to pick up!!

Also got a real surprising phone call, commercial client has expressed here displease to the person who is supposed to be managing their leased property. There needs to be some landscaping done but I was informed another company is responsible for it.
Well the OWNER of the 15 properties (plus he is a well known business owner in the area) called me!!! So I left message ith him and hope he will call back to arrange a meeting with myself and my client!! This could get not only this building but perhaps a foot in the door for others!!

So I'm waiting for a load of laundry to finish so I can hang it out, shower, load my truck and off for the day.

Have a good one!!
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Good morning!

The Spring does funny things to me. Why am I always up earlier than I need to?? It's not even 8am and I'm pretty much ready to leave. Except I don't have to leave for another 30 minutes. What to do?

Today will be a beautiful day here as well. It's a shame to have to go to work. At least tonight I get to go see my grandparents. I wasn't able to see them for half the winter because I had the flu but now the flu is completely gone.
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Morning cats !

Well today I write my last 2 final exams for this year. And then after that, it's back to work. This year I got a great position with a painting company. I get paid between $20 and $30 an hour and with 50 hours a week minimum, it looks like I'll be making quite a bit of money.

The weather here has been really weird. On Sunday, we got to about 20*C (71*F). Then on Monday, we got to 28*C (85.4*F). Yesterday we were around 20 again and today, we are looking for a high of 11*C (51.8*F). Right now, it seems like winter has returned. We are currently at -6*C (21.2*F). I hope it gets warmer soon.

Have a great day everyone.
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It is going to be nice and warm today. In the next week it is supposed to be between 16 and 20 every day.

I am working from 11-5 today. Wednesdays are normally my days off so I am ready to go back to bed. I booked the weekend off so I have to do M-F this week instead of having Wednesday off, I get Saturday off.
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Morning All!!!

Beautiful day here, lots of sun, birds are singing etc etc etc.

Off to a bit of a slow start this morning, have several meetings after lunch so decided to go in later then usual. The kitties actually let me sleep a bit longer this morning which was nice..

Not much planned for after work, have to do some baking one of these evenings though, I have a christening I am attending on Sunday so I have to make some goodies for the get together afterwards..

The kitties are good, playing with a toy frog I picked up for them the other day..Pixie discovered if you lay on it it will make a funny sound..It is quite amusing to watch she is not quite sure if she likes it or not..

Everyone have a good day
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Morning everyone!

It's supposed to get to 77 degrees today!
Now if only the crazy wind would go away.. then I'd want to go outside and do stuff.

Have a good day you guys!
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