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Swollen finger

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Usually when I first get up my fingers are slightly swollen but this morning my ring finger is so bad I can't get my wedding band off. (tried taking if of to put on lotion) Does anybody else have swollen fingers when they wake up? I wonder what causes it. Maybe fluid build up from not moving your hands while sleeping?
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They say you shouldn't keep your rings on when you sleep because you retain water making you swell (I think).
My sister in law kept hers on at night and she swelled to the point she had to get it cut off.
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To remove rings squirt some windex on your finger.
Do you do alot of work with your hands that they swell??
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I sleep with my wedding ring on too and I usually don't have a huge problem getting it off to use lotion... I'm really hoping that I can keep it on through my pregnancy too.
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It's probably where your body gets warm overnight, people wake up with swollen fingers and toes due to heat expanding certain parts of the body.
I think it happens to all of us, but we don't always notice it.

It's all in the name of science!
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I sleep with my engagement ring on all the time - I'll be exactly the same with my wedding band too - but I have rings made just a little bit bigger than necessary because my fingers swell in the cold (I work outdoors), when I get my period, when I'm too hot..... the list goes on. I found the best thing for taking off stuck rings is washing-up liquid
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