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Hi all,
I believe my cat Pekoe has hypothyroidism, I am waiting for the results from her lab work. Pekoe is a pretty young girl, she just turned 4 today actually. She exhibits all the classic symptoms, pulling her fur out, constipation, obsesity, depression, and anxiety. I have heard that hypothyroidism is very rare and I was wondering if this is true and if any of you are familiar with it? What treatment options work well? Any suggestions/info is welcome! thanks!
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I recently had Chynna checked for thyroid problems, only we thought she was "hyperthyroid". The vet said that hypothyroidism in a cat is quite rare, but not unheard of. The treatment for that would be the same as for humans: a thyroid hormone taken daily.
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Primary hypothyroidism (i.e. not caused by another disease) is very rare in cats--usually hypothyroidism results from the treatment of hyperthyroidism or from another condition that is suppressing the T4 levels in the blood stream, such as renal disease. If the bloodwork shows that she is truely hypothyroid and that other conditions aren't causing the problem, many of the same treatments are used in cats as are used in humans, such as Synthroid and Levothyroxine.

There is a Yahoo Group for hyperthyroid cats, but people with hypothyroid cats are also welcome. Since some members have had to deal with thyroid supplementation after treatment for hyperthyroidism, they have experience that they can share. This is the group:
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