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Newsletter name Runoff Poll!

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We've got it narrowed down a little more. These are the choices that got more than one vote.

Vote for your favorite for The Cat Site's Monthly Newsletter. Remember, whoever came up with the chosen name gets some great prizes!
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I really like The Whisker Whispers and The Cat Site Mews

ah, okay, i like em all.
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I like The Cat Scoop! Don't know whose ideas any of these were...but they are ALL great!!!!
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Why do they all have to be so darn cute??? It's so hard deciding...
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Kitty Bytes is definelty the best, and most approriate I think. The Whisker Whispers comes in second.

Not sure about The Cat Scoop one, makes me think of more unpleasent occasions, hee hee.
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I keep looking at all the entries and love them all. So I got to thinking how about if we use each one in some way or another down the road? As a special section in one or both of the newsletters? Word of Meowth would be purr-fect for our Meow Page Announcements on Meowhoo.com- and so many other ones would work to fit articles and mentions underneath- what do you guys think?
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Sounds good to me Hissy, from a Kitty Bytes supporter.
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I like Kitty Bytes!
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I like the purrfect one :LOL: i'm always different!
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We have our winner-

Kimward and KittyBytes wins! Congrats Kim and really ALL the names were cool and they will be used down the road in various ways.

Thanks for your participation, and your imagination!
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