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Did everyone file their Taxes? We did ours in March and already recieved our refunds. We always do it early even when we owe.
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My are filed.... the refund spent..... waiting for that extra check in May
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We cant wait for the Check in May too. We are trying to buy a House and the refund is going towards a Washer and Dryer and Fridge.
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Mine done filed for ext for Mom ...

spent my refund long ago
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They are showing the Post Office on the News right now. Its crazy there. The Cars are way backed up.
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I mailed mine out last week. I owed to both the state and "The Man". I paid my Ohio taxes but have to make installment payments for my federal taxes. So much for that stimilus check.
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I filed mine back in March & have already spent my return
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DH did ours last night(online) and we have to pay in!!
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I just filed mine on Monday....bleh...I owed $4400.00
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did mine back in jan, got the refund the same day, and its LONG gone!,lol. waiting on that check in may for some fun,lol
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Originally Posted by oOoMissEoOo View Post
I just filed mine on Monday....bleh...I owed $4400.00
$4400??! I thought our $700 was bad!!!
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