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Chynna has been feeling cuddly today. She was sleeping on the desk next to me for a couple hours. Then she sat up and was staring at me so I picked her up and she settled into my arms and went to sleep.

She had been sleeping about 15 minutes when she passed some gas As the smell wafted around us, I guess it reached her nose because she opened her eyes, lifted up her head and looked at me with big eyes as if to say "OMG! Mom! What did you do?!"

I wasn't the guilty party, but I sure felt bad!
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Hahaha poor girl - all the drugs must be making their way out of her system. Sounds like a nice cuddle before that though!
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hahahaha very cute!
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It is funny how our kitties make us feel bad about things that they do.
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Sash does that all the time! He'll pick his head up and his ears go back and he looks all around as if to say "what was that mom?"
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