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Cats and screens

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It is soo nice today but not too hot..I don't want to turn the A/C on, but open up my windows...I have a fear of my kitties trying to claw at the screens and maybe opening them up by accident...any ideas so that I can prevent this from happening?? TAOT
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I am pretty sure that you can buy clips that attach to the screen and to the window frame, to keep the screen from popping out. My screens have this, but it is part of the screen itself. I would think you could find some that could be added to an existing screen. I actually used paper clips on one of the screens where the clips broke off, I untwisted it, wedged one end into the frame of the screen, and bent the other end around the frame of the window.

One of my cats got through the corner of the window by pushing the screen out. It was a second story window, and I did not even know he was outside for a few hours, until I heard him meowing. He was hiding under the minivan completely freaked out (he is indoor only). That's when I noticed the broken clips on the window and put in the paperclips. That was a year ago and the clips are still working.

Try your local hardware store.
Good Luck!
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You can also try spraying the screens with the citrus Air Freshner. They may want to look outside, but the citrus smell should keep them from climbing on them.
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I use the decorative trellis that you put in your garden. I just buy a sheet of it and measure it to fit the window. The air comes through the little slits or holes (depending on the design) and on sunny days it helps to keep the room cooler as it filters out the sun. I just put it place with a few screws- and it works well and looks attractive. You want to be careful and not get the ones where the holes are so big a kitty could crawl through it.
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