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Ok, so hub and I tried out a new Chinese Buffet today for lunch, and I must say that it was great! I think we both ate a wee bit too much though, because neither of us wanted any supper before bed. Mind you, we finished lunch at 2:30 and bedtime was around 5ish. So, sometime after I went to sleep, I started dreaming, and having weird now not only am I awake again, I was also hungry.......couldn't go back to bed without eating lol! Anyone else have this problem?
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ah, the wonder of chinese food- how is it that you can stuff yourself silly and be ravenously hungry 2 hours later??!! I had bad nightmares last night, they were really bad, I'm blaming it on the strawberry ice cream I ate before bed
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Thread Starter cream........... I think I'm going to have to hurt you, lol!

The bad thing is, I was having this nightmare that I was having a nightmare, lol!!!!
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I usually only have nightmares if I miss a dose of my antidepressant. Then my dreams get real weird and I sweat in my sleep.
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I have nightmares if I eat before bed, I heard somewhere if you eat before bed your mind is still active or something because its digesting the food, which causes nightmares? I dont know, but i have noticed if I eat right before bed i have the weirdest most detailed dreams/nightmares.
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I find eating foods like cheese or anything with garlic after 8pm gives me nightmares, so I have them earlier in the day, normally before or just after 5pm. If I do that, I'm okay for bedtime
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I've never had food induced nightmares, just bad heartburn.
As for chinese food, it sort of depends on what exactly I eat. The more vegetables the longer it sticks with me. I tend not to get "ravenously hungry" though, so it's usually enough for several hours.
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ah man, i want some chinese food, that sounds soooooooo good!

my meds give me nightmares to the point i wake up screaming and totally terrified. the dr says its a side effect that should go away, but its been almost a year and i still have them.
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Hmmm, I've never noticed if certain foods before bed give me nightmares
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Never had food give me nightmares... but I am wanting Chinese food now.
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hehe i just found a book that tells you about what your dream means
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I don't normally have nightmares, but I have noticed eating certain foods right before bed will give me very vivid dreams. Like, bananas of all things. I don't know if the potassium or something in them stimulates my brain or what, but some are just freaky. But, not scary.
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