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Stop the Insanity!

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If you havn't noticed I havn't been online in a while. Work had been insane and I have been constantly looking for jobs and sending off resumes daily.

I am getting blamed and yelled at for things I didn't do or things the boss thinks she asked me to do but didn't. I never know when I am going to be called to her desk for somthing or to explain my reasoning behind somthing. It feels like i'm living in "hells kitchen".

I told them when I started that I wasn't thinking about moving or looking for employment anywhere else but I am definately looking now. They are evin critisizing my phone manners when I was a receptionist and telephone dispatcher for the Cancer society for 2 years!! I think I may be too compassionate for this job. I mean I ask questions and I have rarely had any of the debtors (I work at a collection agency) ever swear or be ignorant to me.

I can't make them happy..... I don't know why i'm even trying.
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Rhonda, I'm so sorry to hear that it has gotten even worse for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed you can find something else and fast! I'm sure anything else would be a blessing compared to what you have had to deal with.

Just try to hang in there. I know that may not be much comfort, but at least you are still getting a paycheck, right? If you can grit your teeth until you can find another job, at least you won't have to worry financially either.
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Hang in there! for getting a new job soon. I know it is tough to want to go to work when you hate it, but at least it is money for now.
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Good luck for the job searching, and vibes too

It's a pain in the neck trying to find a new job, but once you have found it, boy it's the nicest feeling!

Best wishes to you!
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Oh dear! for finding a good job soon!!!! Jobs like that get tiring very fast. I'm glad you are getting out of that place!
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I can't think of a job much worse than that of being a debt collector.. (or maybe a tele-marketer ). I can only imagine the horrors you must go through. But if it's any consolation, it's better than being unemployed..

Good luck finding a new job! Many vibes are being sent your way!
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