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Introducing Pixel

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This is Pixel.

At work


and Play
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Awww! What a cutie! I her markings!
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How adorable!!! She is beautiful!!!!
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she's precious look at her sleeping, beautiful!
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What an adorable cat! Very unique and beautiful!

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Welcome Slipstream! Pixel is just adorable! She has such unique markings, and such an expressive little face. I think I'm in love!!!
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Welcome! You have an adorable kitty!
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What a little sweetie! It looks like her back feet have all little pink toepads... so cute!
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Pixel is such a sweetheart!!

i wanna give Pixel a loving hug and a gentle kiss NOW!!


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welcome! nice to meet you and pixel!
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What a unique beauty Pixie is. She is just adorable. A big hello to you both.

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what a cute kitty!! like every kind of cat all wrapped up into one! welcome to the boards!
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Very Cute Pictures - I love the name Pixel - LOL!

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WOW she is beautful!
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What a pretty cat. She looks happy and playful!
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Oh, she's adorable!!! :LOL:

I also LOVED the name!!! i am always thrilled to see names I didn't hear before...
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What a beauty! She looks happy.
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I Pix, She is gorgeous !!!!!!
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I love that lounging shot!
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AAAAWWWWW!!! Pixel is SO cute!! --And I love the one where Pixel is resting! Welcome here!
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