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Switching Off Raw Diet?

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So I've started feeding Raw Diet to JuJu for about 9 or more months now. When I got her the shelter fed her SD (Is that not suprising lol?). I dislike SD, and this is going to shock you! Take a breath, the "VET" I work with does NOT promote SD. She promotes mostly Wellness, Blue Spa (Or Blue Buffalo), and Californa Natural. Also she believes Wet is healthy with less dry. Says its easier to digest. When I told her about the Raw Diet feeding she said she had little experience with it, and couldnt give me any real HO's about it. The only reason I'm thinking of switching Is the price Is a bit crazy. I pay OVER $150 a month just on her food. No joke. She eats 7oz of Raw meat a day, I pay a little over $4 per 3.5oz pack. I'm sure you all can do math. 2 a day, 7 days a week. Just on the meat, then I give a little bit of EVO dry now and then to keep the flavor going. As much as I love my cat, I'm sure she can find a cheaper food to enjoy. I was thinking of going full on Innova EVO canned? Or maybe Californa Natural? What do you think of switching her over to one of these brands. I've heard some good rumors about it, and my vet speaks highly of both brands. I looked up old topics on here, and so far I havent ran in to much back talk on it. Just mostly disapproving felines. JuJu ISNT picky lol, she eats just about anything, including her adventure in a dogs bowl.

Not that I cant afford her, and thats not what I'm trying to say. But she always skims threw it when I put dry or wet in there. As If she rather have it over the raw? I thought Raw would be best because she's a carnivore, but Is using it as her soul diet to much? If I switch her to wet would I still be able to give her raw meat as a treat. Or would that make her ill? The packets came prepared, I didnt add anything or make my own little blend. I considered trying to find a source where I could. If that would make this diet cheaper. Does anybody else feed Raw Diet, If so how much do you spend? I rounded up and I figured If I gave her 1 can (5.5oz) a day of EVO wet. It would cost less, depending on how much my pet store charges per can. Or would she need more than 5.5oz. She doesnt look to plump now on 7oz. But she could use some exercise. Anybody have any ideas?
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We used to buy a 1lb pre-ground (with bone) bag of chicken for $3.50 or so. My vet was a huge advocate for raw food but she highly recommend we mix in a can of canned salmon (or separate for us they liked it better mixed). That cut down on the cost because the canned salmon is only about $1.50 or so and is anti-inflammatory I guess plus all the good omega's and the little bone things in it are actually good for them. We have 4 cats and they would go through one of these mixes in 2 days. So that was about $75 a month for 4 or $19 per month for each cat. I think it depends on the brand you use. We used NuDimensions but it is pretty local. We did 6 months without the salmon and another 10 months or so with the salmon. One thing that was great about this was none of my cats were ever overweight.

We eventually switched off of raw because it was impossible for us to leave the house for a day or two and overall I was constantly worried about their nutrition. I swear they weren't as healthy. Every time we took them in there was something wrong. I know this is opposite what people say. I still like the idea of a raw diet, it makes sense, it just didn't work out for us in the end.

We switch between Pinnacle's high protein and Innova EVO. Though I think EVO is the favorite of the two. They get wet more as a treat. Overall they are very healthy now. Go figure..
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lol, yeah my vet really has no voice on foods, she really doesnt say what she doesnt know. Which I guess Is a good idea? Most vets talk what they cant spell, so I like her honesty. I went to another vet and he talked highly and I couldnt understand a word he said, and honestly I dont think he could either lol. He rambling SD then I think even Pedigree, and I'm like "You want to give me medical advice?" yet your recommending foods that are horrible to my cat. That makes so much sense, honestly is that just a ply so your cat will get sick and you pay them tons of money or what! I was really debating EVO, i just think Raw isnt her kind of balance either?
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if you check there is a thread of the known grain frees .... that might help you

switch just like you would dry to dry ... over a number of days just dont feed raw and dry at the same time
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