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Another outdoor first

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My cats seem to have an unlikely partner in keeping away stranger cats. Yesterday I heard meowing and birds chirping so thinking my cats were teasing the birds again, I rushed outside. The first thing I noticed was that my cats were just relaxing under the shade of the trees. So who was making all the racket?
A few meters away was a black kitty running off towards my neighbor's backyard. On his rump was a very angry bird, pecking away. It's a pity I did not have the videocam to film this. Once the cat left the property, the bird left him alone and flew back to the trees. My crew acted like nothing was happening but as the bird flew over them, I swear I think they nodded at it as if saying "Good job pardner!"
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Interesting! A momma bird maybe at this time of year?
Are you saying you have a videocamera? Next time how 'bout a video of that, I'd love to see it!
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No way! That's amazing!
So there's some kind of truce between that bird and your cats?
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That's hilarious, I wish that bird would come here
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