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Just learned our cat has feline leukemia

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We have had Shadow since she was 4 weeks old. Had her tested for leukemia (negative) Since then she has had her vaccinations, etc. Friday found out she is now positive. She has never gone outside. There are no other cats in the family. Only been around other felines at the vet or the kennel when we are on vacation. We are just sick that this has happened! What I am trying to find out from someone is how to care for her, now that we know. She has certainly gone down hill. Her apetite comes and goes and I don't know how to encourage her to eat. Sometimes she seems so distant and unsure of her surroundings. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we want to keep her for as long as we can.
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Shadow will now have to stay inside, as she has in the past. Feed her a high-quality canned cat food, if you have a Costco nearby Kirkland is really the best food for her. Add to her food some cod liver oil. Kitties love this because it is slimy and smells like fish. Keep regular vet check-ups for her and just take it a day at a time. Good luck and lots of hugs!
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I am very sorry to hear your cat has leukemia, but I have heard encouraging news that your kitty can live a normal life if you give her the right care. Fortunately, I have never had to deal with a FeLV+ cat, so all I can offer are my best wishes.

It is possible your cat was infected before you got her, and the first test showed up as negative because the virus needs a certain amount of time to show up in the system (like HIV in people). I have always been told than when you get a new kitty have it tested right away and then have it tested 6 weeks down the line to be sure.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. How old is she now?

You may want to try these links for more information:
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