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Sleeping Habits

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What are your cats sleeping habits.......I know they sleep on a average of 15-16 hours a day (the little sleeping beauties!!!!)
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Lets see - my 5 young ones probably yes, 16 hours, the older ones a bit more, but my senior spends almost 20 hours sleeping.
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Mine sleep very little during the day, but they sleep pretty much the whole night.
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Mine sleeps when there isn't much going around the house. She's a very light sleeper, taking cat naps most of the time, even the slightest sound demands her investigation. There's construction going on across the street so she doesn't nap that much anymore. Always by the window checking on the workers and looking at cranes (the mechanical ones! - lol).

At night, she's a sleeping beauty. She go to sleep immediately after I tuck her in, say my goodnight, give her some kissey kissey and turn off the light.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Mine sleep very little during the day, but they sleep pretty much the whole night.
Trout too. Well I'm sure she sleeps while I'm at work all day...but when I am home, she is up with me and then sleeps through the night with me. For the most part
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i always thought cats picked up their owners sleeping habits as well as their own
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Both of my kitties sleep a lot during the day and through the night. My older kitty sleeps more during the day than my 2 yo cat when we're at home. When we're home my younger kitty likes to see what's going on in the afternoons and be around her people. She'll settle down for a little nap for a little bit in the afternoon, but is generally awake all evening.

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I work from home, so I am very familiar with my cat's sleeping habits! The husband and I get up around 7:00-7:30 and let the kittens into the bedroom (we close the door so my husband can have the window open due to his mild allergies). They explore, and then Steve goes to sleep. Paddington and Conor hang out with us - playing and eating. They usually head upstairs between 9:30-10. Then, they all sleep until about 4 or 5 (when they then come downstairs to start asking for dinner!). Dinner is at 6, and after they eat and have a groom, they usually settle in for another nap - this one lasts until about 8 or 9. Then they play. They stay up until we go to bed (midnight-ish?) and then go downstairs and sleep until 5 or 6 (based on when I usually start to hear them running around!). And then the whole cycle starts over again!
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Mine sleep when I sleep and only nap lightly when I am awake. If I lie down for a nap then we all lie down for a nap.
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