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I recently got two of these for one of my Bettas, Sweeney (to stick with a Johnny Depp theme, I named the frogs Ichabod and Crane, lol). One of them (Crane, the smaller one) is shy and hides, but Ichabod is always out and about. It's fun feeding them, though, especially when Sweeney, being a total pig, comes down to try to get some frozen brine shrimp, and Ichabod lunges at him and nips him. "My shrimp!" I always have to seek out Crane, though, who's usually under the java moss, and make sure he gets food that way. If I wait for him to come out and come across scattered shrimp by himself, well, he won't. Sweeney will have hoovered them all up by then, lol
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Ok, so upon reading in this thread I found that that the frog company where I got my African Claw isn't exactly correct saying she's ok in her small tank, I hit up freecycle and craigslist... I posted wanted ads on both for a 10 gal with hood for free or very cheap (I'm currently job-less)... well a woman saw my craig's ad and emailed me... she had a 10 with hood and filter and a bunch of other "stuff" for 10 bucks (I can swing 10 bucks)... so I went to pick it all up today! There's tons of other stuff included (I had mentioned I have a freshwater tank and a hermit crab tank)... including one of those double chambered whisper filters (I've never had a REALLY big fish tank, so I'm not even sure how many gallons this filter would be for)... I've just about cleaned everything up with my steam cleaner and am getting ready to set it all up for my frog!

Bonus that came along with meeting this woman today: when I came into her house, I saw her 2 younger children and another older woman (I thought her mom maybe)... the older woman is actually her daughter's nurse (I don't know what's wrong with her daughter, not my place to ask) but the important part was the woman was wearing a Kenny Chesney t-shirt.... so I ask if she was a fan (Lord knows I am! HOOOOOTTTTNEESSSS!) She said she was and I mentioned I was seeing him this summer in Philly... her next words are "OH! I couldn't get tickets!" My jaw dropped! I've been trying to find someone to buy my 2 extra tickets at face value! All of my family/friends have their tickets already and I was getting nervous that I'd be stuck for the extra $229.40 for these two... so she took my name and number and will call me about it! I'm so excited for both the tank and my tickets! haha
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Originally Posted by Hypancistrus View Post
I kept mine in with male bettas, and believe it or not, the betta was the one that kept getting attacked. They would grab his long fins and pull on them. I eventually had to move him to a seperate tank!
I can understand that now, lol (though I've heard this before, that the Betta usually goes running, but Bettas do that with other fish too... They're such wimps when other fish call his bluff, lol). One of my froggies, Ichabod, gets offended when Sweeney (the Betta) keeps eating the brine shrimp that's laying about on the gravel/sand (it's a fine gravel, but too rough to be sand). Sweeney will be hoovering up shrimp, and Ichabod will be creeping closer and closer...and then he'll suddenly lunge at Sweeney. Then he wanders after Sweeney for a few seconds to make sure he's gone. But the first time I gave them bloodworms, he scared the snot out of me. Sweeney grabbed one of the bloodworms, which was long (after the first day, with all the fish having to take extra time to chew the spagetti worms, lol). Ichabod didn't like that, and when Sweeney swam by with his worm trailing out of his mouth, Ichabod lunged at him and he held on (I don't know if he was using his feet, or if he was biting down on fish flesh) and Sweeney darted to the other end of the tank before Ichabod let go (I think Sweeney was trying to bite him back, but frankly it all happened so fast that I can barely remember what happened). Ichabod, when he let go, went hiding and refused to eat any more bloodworms. He's okay now, but he must have been upset and/or tramautized. Sweeney seemed all right too. Ichabod still hates seeing Sweeney hoarding the food, though, and always creeps towards him when he gets near his food, lol
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