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DH is 6 years older than me. I always dated men older than me. One guy was 18 years older. He thought that I was the one and I thought that he was a summer fling.
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DH and myself are 5 yrs apart, with him being older
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On paper (birth certificates) we are 5 yrs apart; but we are so similar in things that we tend to be the same age and since our birthdays are 3 days apart, we just celebrate them together as one age - not separate
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
All depends on the two people.

Any two people who are mature enough to know what they need/want from life, are headed in the same life direction and want to travel there together, and who love and treat each other with respect, will have a good relationship regardless of their ages.
Very well said!

My s/o is ten years older than me, and we have a wonderful relationsship! Unfortunately, most peeps think that he's a lot older than me, b/c he looks older than he is, and I don't look as old as I am (he's 60, and I'm almost 50). Peeps who don't know us always mistake him as being my dad - which doesn't really bother me - but I think it bothers my s/o. Whenever anyone makes a comment about our age difference, I always try to lighten the mood by teasing him and saying, "Now you KNOW you just love having some 'arm candy'!" He always laughs, and says, "You're darn tootin', Darlin'!" By saying that, his feelings aren't as hurt, and it boosts his ego! I hate to see him get his feelings hurt..

I have to honestly say that the relationship I have with my s/o is the best one I've ever had. I can't say it's entirely due to our age difference, but I do believe that older men are usually more mature. A lot of it also has to do with what Swamp Witch posted in her response above..

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I am 28 and my hubby is 47. Despite the age difference, we constantly learn from each other. We have been married for almost 3yrs.
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Tristan is just over 2 years older. Which does make a difference. My first 'relationship' was about 9 months younger than me, uni student, didn't drive, was a lazy sob, and being 21 at the time, the immaturity on his part was highly noticeable

At least now i am with someone who is very mature, but still likes to joke and mess about with me and doesn't pout when he doesn't get his way. Oh he also drives, has a full time job and is NOT lazy.

It does make a difference when you're with someone who has done things in their life that make you go 'wow, i really am boring' lol
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My DH is 6 years older. When we met, and I was 24 and he was 30, it was a BIG deal to my parents, LOL! When we got married and I was 29 and he was 35 it seemed a lot less of a big deal (especially since my mom was getting anxious for a grandbaby!) We met doing music, so we've always had that very important thing in common!
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My husband is a little over 3 years older than me
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My hubby is 5 years older than I am, but I don't think age makes that much of a difference. My Dad was 30 years older than my Mom when they got married. Mom was 21 Dad was 51... I never heard them fight and they were very happy together.
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I am single again, though I may start dating a long time friend of mine now that we live in the same state
He's two years younger than me.
It'll be awesome to be around someone my own age again.
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My husband is 11 years older than I am.... It is perfect!
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I'm 24 and my husband is 25.
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Wow--I must be the only gal who's "robbed the cradle" around here! My husband is 50 and I'm 53! I used to have a "hang-up" against dating younger men, but it's worked out fine--we've been married for almost 26 years, and if it wasn't for him I'd never be living in our dream house we built 2 years ago. So I guess it just depends on the couple.
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DH is 5 months younger than me....and he will NEVER let me forget it!
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Originally Posted by abbycats View Post
My husband is 11 years older than I am.... It is perfect!
i agree, my dh is 11 and a half years older than me and yes, it's perfect!
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We have a 14 month difference so for two months he's 2 years older than me. He always lets me know for those two month
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My bf is 14 months younger. I would prefer it the other way around but everyone always thinks he is a few years older so I suppose it doesn't matter.

Before this, the guys I dated were a lot older. 38, 36, 27... (I'm just 23 now). I suppose I thought that might solve the problems, but no, it doesn't.

So now I have a boyfriend who is what I was looking for, just younger, who was under my nose the whole time.
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My DH is almost two years older than I am.
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Rob is 1 year 2 months older than me ...

I was born February 17, 1987, he was born December 18, 1985.
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