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Age difference?

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This is something I've been pondering on since I read the tough trivia for today. Some people find that smaller age differences work for them, and some that the larger age differences work best....

There are a full 8 years age difference between myself and my fiance, me being the younger .... what about you guys? Having an age difference that big works really well for us - having a kid means I've had to grow up really fast, and I'm relatively quiet in comparison to other women my own age. I prefer a more mature man
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I am exactly 1 1/2 years older than my DH. That is such a minor difference that it is not a problem. My dad is 8 years older than my mom and they have had a wonderful marriage. They just celebrated 38 years this last January.
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There's a little more than 3 years between myself and DH with me being younger. I've seldom date men my age or younger. I think we're a very good fit.
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My Husband is way older then me and we have been together for over 14 Years. It just happened that way and has worked out Great. We got Married in Dec 2003.
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All depends on the two people.

Any two people who are mature enough to know what they need/want from life, are headed in the same life direction and want to travel there together, and who love and treat each other with respect, will have a good relationship regardless of their ages.
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a whole of 9 days!! and with him being older, i absolutely love it!
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My boyfriend turned 26 in February, and I'll be 24 in October.
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Jim turned 40 this past october and I turned 38 in february.so..not much difference really...
but I have dated someone ....18 years older then myself..

I was 23 he was 41...
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There are 10 years between my Husband & I
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Gils only 5 weeks younger than me but he takes great pleasure in telling people he's my toyboy
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9 years difference exactly between us and i'm the youngest. I was born July 29, 1985 and he was born July 29,1976
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8 months difference.
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I'm younger by 11 months and some odd days. My birthday is September 9,1985 and Travis' is September 28,1984
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My boyfriend is 10½ months older than me.
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Husband is 16yrs older than me. We have been together since 1999 and got married in 2001. We have a lot in common and it works for us.
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I'm about 4.5 years younger. We'll be four years different until July, and then five until December when it goes back to four.
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I'm not currently in a relationship, so I voted on my last one.

I tend to date men 6 to 10 years younger than me. Even 12 to 15 depending on the guy.

I've only ever dated one guy that was older than I was. He was 32 and I was 26. Talk about a generation gap! He was a very "old" 32, and had lost the child in him and I got tired of always being told to "grow up."

I would date someone my own age, maybe a few years older, but certainly not someone who is 10 or 12 years or more older than I am.
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I am 2 years younger than he is
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my boyfriend is younger than me by just 3 months.

We met through the internet and found out we both went to the same school and have been together since we were 13 years old
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i was dating this guy who was 20 years older than me, it was a rebound thing on my part (I didnt realize that then) but now I know that 20 years is definitly too much of an age differnece for me, wont be doing that agian. I do perfer men older then me but I think a 10 year difference is the highest i'd go now.
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I am 1 year and 7 months younger
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I am five years younger than my boyfriend.

I remember in high school and college, someone five years older was SO much older. Now it barely matters.
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My SO was 16 yrs older than me. Most of the time it worked, but sometimes I felt like his child when he started lecturing me on something he thought I should learn.
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I'm 10 years older.

According to her I'm only a couple of years removed from being placed in a home for, and I quote, "....your own good.". What the...????
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As I like to remind Charlie.....his senior year in high school was my first grade year......

I'll turn 40 on Oct 15, he'll turn 51 on Oct 30.
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FH is 5 years older.
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My boyfriend is seven years older than me (6 and a half to be exact). He is 56 and I am 48. I have dated guys both younger and older. I think as long as two people are compatible, age is not a factor.
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My DH is 13 years older than me. I have always dated older men, my first DH was 11 years older than me(He died when he was 42)
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John is 2 years older than I am.
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my DH is 10 years older than me
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