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Yay hummingbirds!

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After a thread someone posted here about whether anyone had hummingbirds yet, I finally went out and bought a feeder. The first week I saw a couple hanging around, the second week, I saw nothing, then last week they seemed to be getting stuck into it. We were away for 4 days, and just got back last night so I just went to clean out and refill the feeder, and it was empty!

I just cleaned it out, refilled it and put it out, and while I was hanging it, I had a hummingbird buzzing my head waiting impatiently!

I love hummingbirds!!!! I didn't bother waiting for the water to cool before I hung it because I thought by the time any hummingbird came to drink it would be cold, so I hope it's ok. I used hot water that had already cooled down a bit by the time I put it out, so it's probably a bit warmer than lukewarm. Do you think that's ok?
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It should be ok, but I always let it cool down in the fridge just to be on the safe side. We don't know what temps they can/can't handle.
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He flew away when I was hanging it, because the kitties were there watching, and I kept checking on it for about 10 minutes after I hung it and he didn't come back, so that should be long enough for it to cool down sufficiently. It's in the shade so should have cooled down pretty fast.
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I love humming birds. Since I am in a warmer area we have been having them for about a month now. The kitties are so enjoying the show.
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Mine aren't here yet I checked a migration map and they're all over Indinana and Michigan but not here. I live in Elkhart right below the MI state line. I'm thinking if the hummers are in MI they should be here as well. I've had my feeder out for like three weeks now.
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I just cleaned out the hummingbird feeder, and while I was doing it, the little guy spent the entire time outside the window getting quite annoyed and chirruping at me until I put it back I got some photos though this time so will post them sometime soon.
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I haven't seen one yet. They are here according to the map but none have been to my feeder. I don't know what the deal is.
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I havent seen any yet I love hummingbirds~~~
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