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Does anyone remember playing this??? Ok, well around here at the local bars they have been having a competition every weekend.....well I won a couple weekends ago and I am now moving on to finals!!!

I know it may not be a big deal to anyone, but hey this Saturday I have a chance to win another tournament and that means a trip to Las Vegas for another shot at winning $50,000!!!!!

So anyone want to send me some WINNING vibes, that would be GREAT!!!!
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for you to win
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$50, 000 and a trip to vegas for rock,paper, scizzors?! Maaaaan I'm in the wrong country!! Good luck!
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WOW! Who knew you could win such major cash on a known "kids" game. Sheesh, I am in the wrong line of business. Hope you win!!!!
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goodluck to you

This totally a game of luck and little cheating :P
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some for you to win
and i never knew you could make $50,000 from that wow i'm good at that game just need to find a place to make money doing it =3
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Haha, wow.. too bad I'm not close to this bar.. and too bad our local one doesn't do this.. I'd definitely try!
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
Does anyone remember playing this???
In Japan today, major decisions are made this way. I kid you not!
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Good luck!
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What an opportunity! Good luck!
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