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Please Help!!

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So I took my cat to the vet yesterday and her temperature had dropped. She has also been licking her stomach constantly and last night I found her in my daughter's drawer. She has also been meowing every so often but not moaning like I thought she would. So how soon until she goes into labor? Please help! Thanks! Oh and the vet also told me she has ear mites but did not mention whether or not I can do anything about it while she is prgnant. I just don't want them passed on to the babies.
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I'm surprised your vet didn't treat the earmites - shame on him! I'm no expert, but I don't think it would have hurt the babies in any way once they're delivered.. And I believe that the earmites can be passed on to the kittens: I would call the vet back and ask him why he didn't treat her, and what you should do about it..

Just before Salem went into labor, she was really friendly and rubbing up against me a lot, and hopping in & out of her box that I set up for her in her room. Her nipples also got more swollen, and her stomach dropped the night before. From what you describe, it sounds as if she may be ready at any time. Has her stomach dropped??

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The following is a response I received from Lindsey, when I was concerned about when Salem would deliver. It's a better decription, and I hope it helps!


Originally Posted by Lindsey88 View Post

About 48 hours before delivery Sophie was looking desperatly for a place to nest she even got stuck behind the refridgerator and television so I had to confine her to a kennel.
36 hours before delivery I noticed her belly had dropped. Instead of being fat and wide like she the babies were hanging low and she didn't look pregnant from the top anymore.
24 hours before delivery she had bags of milk and her nipples were more swollen and pinker than they had been.
5 minutes before delivery I noticed her mucus plug (they usually loose this 12 or less hours before delivery)
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