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Thats what I'm working on right now. I first saw this little girl about a month and a half ago, with two puppies that appeared to be at least 6 months old. They always kept their distance, and I really hoped that they belonged on one of the farms behind me and were just out exploring, but I don't think thats the case anymore. The puppies have disappeared, and I'm hoping that they've settled somewhere or been taken to a shelter, but I don't suppose I'll ever find out.

Mom, on the other hand, has obviously had a very hard life. She is terrified of people, other dogs, and even shies away from the cats even though they are inside their enclosure. I've been trying to gain her trust for about a week, on the 4th day I was able to touch her and find that her collar was way too tight, but she apparently thought that I was trying to catch her and she bolted. This morning, day 8, I was finally able to loosen her collar enough that it could be pulled over her head if she were to get stuck somewhere, and get a few scritches in on her head and chin The poor thing eats every meal like she's starving, and she has that unmistakable smell of having had to eat carrion to survive.

She likes to stay in the neighbor's yard....apparently the fencing makes her feel safe, and they don't have any dogs of their own.

She always walks with her head down and tail tucked. People have been bad to her

We are to the point of touching now, but if I stand up or move to quickly, she headed off to a hiding place again. It's going slow, but I think we might eventually get some place

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Oh Mike, look at that girl!! If anyone can gain her trust, I know you can.
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Awwww, what a sweetie! Poor little girl
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Oh Mike, look at that girl!! If anyone can gain her trust, I know you can.
lots of vibes for that poor girl you are truly a wonderful person!
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She looks like my grandpuppy, just keep trying and trying, she will soon learn to trust you.

She is beautiful and I think she is worth the time that you are taking in gaining her trust.
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Awwwww!! Bless her.....keep up at it, it will work!

MY foster dog Ebony was terrible scared of everyone when I got her! But she warmed up quickly!
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There has been more good news since yesterday. Little Momma and the neighbors daughter (she's 10'ish, sorry to say I don't know her exact age) have hit it off famously, and apparently have been for a few days. She positively bounded out to meet the school bus yesterday afternoon. So, I talked to the neighbors and they thought that she belonged here, or across the road at Pos' farm.

They closed the gate to their yard, which will keep her off the road and other dogs away, but still gives her nearly an acre of land to run around on. I gave them the rest of the dog food that I had, and they have gone this morning to get some bowls and a clean collar. We took several pictures and made up some "lost dog" posters to put up around the area. I made sure to give them directions to the shelter and told them to take one there (that way, if we find her home, they will still get to see all the other doggies at the shelter that need homes )

She is still a little too flighty for a bath, so they put some scented flea and tick powder on her yesterday. Hopefully they may be able to give her a bath this weekend without freaking her out too bad.

This is the best picture I could get of her. She is so happy to be around people with food and clean water that she is positively squirmy

By the way, Little Momma isn't a name, it's more like a title till we find out if she has a family or not.
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Awww...what a sweet girl! I'm so glad she bonded with the girl, and it sounds like you were the first human to offer her love which did teach her trust. It's funny how animals bond with children so fast. If she was abused by an adult, it is understandable. I hope the family decides to give her a home instead of taking her to the shelter.

But, bless you for showing her that she CAN trust humans and not all are out to hurt her. It sounds like she's had a hard life. If only animals could tell us their story.....
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Aww... how sweet is she. I sure hope everything works out for her... though I do wonder what happened to the puppies.
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
Aww... how sweet is she. I sure hope everything works out for her... though I do wonder what happened to the puppies.
I do too. They were both adorable. They looked just like her, except that they both had shorter, heavier snouts, more like a lab.
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Awww she is so cute! I hope the best for her!
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Awww, she is adorable Mike I hope she keeps warming up
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