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How many relatives in the military?

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I was wondering how many people here have family in the military. I just got out of the Navy and my ex husband is over in the hot spot now.
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Nobody, at present but my dad spent 26 years, in the Marine Corps (WWII, Korea and Vietnam) and Bill did three tours, in Nam with the Army and Air Force. I am the widow of a disabled Korean War vet (Army). Needless to say, I'm a big supporter of our troops.

Denise, I hope your husband comes home safe, sound and soon.
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No one at the moment, but my family has had quite a few in the military. My Dad's father served in WWII, in Germany, and was killed a few weeks before my Dad was born. Dad's stepfather fought in the Pacific, and Mom's father was stationed in India, repairing fighter planes. Mom's brother served in Vietnam, was injured badly and was discharged. Dad tried to enlist for Vietnam, but was ineligible because he was the only surviving son of a deceased war veteran (which was still in force at the time).
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my grandfather was in the navy during ww2, my father in law was in the USMC during the vietnam era, but he was only shipped off to Hawaii to do some radio thingy.
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my dad was in the national guard during viet nam and but only got called for riot duty in chicago.

i have one cousin currently in the national guard and one in the army.
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I really consider all of them close- because they are fighting for me. I read about a lady who every Monday ships about 70 care packages to troops overseas...
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I don't have any relatives in the military, but a very dear friend of mine, Jill, was just called into active duty.
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We are a military family, for 26 years now, my husband is in the Army. We have lived in Germany, he has been to Kuwait, Egypt, Korea and all over the U.S. Getting ready to retire now though, in a few months. When we lived in Germany, we brought back 1 dog, and 3 cats.
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My cousin's husband is in Germany right now and will be moved to the front line once the war is official. I'm so scared for them! Akela (my cousin) had a baby last year and the both of them will be shipped over there next week. I'm quite upset with the Military and their decision to allow the family members to go over there. I've never met Will (Akela's hubby), but I'm scared to death that something awful will happen to Will or Akela or Orianna (the baby). Please keep them in your prayers! I've attached a photo of them. Orianna is quite a bit bigger now...she just celebrated her 1st birthday!
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Denise, my hubby will be in the Navy in July... IT division...

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None in the US military but many in the IDF. All the men in the family who are under the age of 45 (that's my two brothers and 3 of hubby's brothers) are in the reserve foces (doing active service for one month every year). Hubby is a Major in the regular forces. His nephew and two of his neices are in active service right now (one Army, one Airforce and one trying to get into an elite unit). I'm not in the military anymore - I left 3 years ago and am now a retired Captain.

Michelle - I find it very strange that they will send your cousin's family to the front. I know that Americans are evacuated from Israel - why would they send American civilians to the Gulf?!?! Anyway, I will be praying for them - what a sweet looking baby Orianna is. If they happen to be stationed in Israel tell her to give me a call - she's about Ron's age and they can play together
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From what Akela has told me (and this was a couple of weeks ago & so much has changed since then), that Will is stationed in Germany. If this war breaks out, he will go to the front line and the girls will stay in Germany. Now that I'ver re-read my post, I didn't make that part very clear...I was just in the heat of the moment I guess. It would make me much more happier knowing that the girls were "safe" back home with their family instead of in a different country while all of this is happening.

I just got a call and was told that Akela and Orianna left 2 days ago for Germany!! They were bumped to go early...now I'm just sick...sick to my stomach! I pray that they'll be ok.
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Michelle please don't worry! Germany should be very safe - probably even more so than the US (as they are under no direct terrorist threat). I bet Akela would have preferred to stay back home with the support of her family and friends, but I'm sure she will be surrounded by the support of the other army wives!
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No family, but many friends. One of my young Marine buddies came in Saturday to tell me his girl had agreed to marry him before he is deployed. He was so excited. He is going home this weekend to get married, the deploying from San Diego next week. I pray that he will be ok and not make this beautiful young girl a widow at 18. He would show me a new picture of her every weekend, I almost feel like I know her.
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I come from a long line of family in or was in the miltery,Ted was in the Army, his dad also was,I have one son in the Marines Reserves,still here!I don;t know if he will go,he is a single dad of 5[ah his wife walked out about 2 months ago] one son who got out of the army 5 years ago.,My father was in the Navy,brother in Navy,brother in Marines,Ted 3 brother's were in the Army!I just wish is did not have to happen at all!Prayers for all!
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Last night, both my little brother and hubby's twin brother have been recruited into active service
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i am so sorry anne, they are in my prayers

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Anne...I'll keep them in my prayers!

I just read our local paper and was amazed at the list they had of all our local people who were send overseas. My town has just over 4000 people and there are 39 people from my community that were sent to fight this war. Isn't that a lot from my town? I know at least 3/4 of them and I pray that each and everyone of them returns alive & well. Rumor has it that the list in the paper is only a partial...there are actually even more! I really didn't want to think that this war was going to affect me personally, but it has in so many ways...my family and now my friends. I'm proud of each and every one who is fighting for our freedom, but I'm scared for each one too. I just pray that our men and women will take care of the business they are are sent to do & they can all return home to their families.
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