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KatKwery (Cat Query) Guidelines

To make things more interesting, and to keep the KatKwiz thread alive, and give another chance for winning points, KatKwery will ask questions directly related to the KatKwiz question for that day and ask for an opinion. This keeps the thread alive with new opportunities to win points and to build points for the right to be in the KatKwery playoffs. KatKwery requires no specific knowledge, just an opinion on the KatKwiz question of the day. KatKwery begins as soon as the 2,000 points are paid out for a correct answer to the KatKwiz question. Prior to the KatKwery for the day, a secret word will have been selected that directly pertains to the KatKwery questions, which in turn, directly relate to the KatKwiz question of the day.

The secret word will not be revealed until the next KatKwiz question to allow plenty of time for all members in all the time zones to participate. I myself will participate in giving my opinions. I may use the secret word and I may not (I cannot win). If you are the first to use that secret word in your reply to KatKwery, you win 700 points. And, you start building your point total for the right to play in the playoffs.

In a recent KatKwiz question you were asked to find a specific collar for cats. As usual, the first person to find it won 2,000 points. This is the basic KatKwiz and in no way will change. When the KatKwiz winner is announced for the day, and the points awarded, part 2 begins with a query from the Kats directly related to the KatKwiz question.

For example: Do your cats wear collars? Why or why not?

So now, people who missed out on the KatKwiz question can just give their opinion of the question and if they are the first to use the secret word, they win 700 points. In this case, the Kats had picked breakaway (or break away) as the secret word. That would have been a fairly easy word to come up with since the collars in question were breakaways.So, KatKwiz now has two paying parts every day. The first part for teaching purposes that pays 2,000 points and the second part to encourage some opinions about the subject for the day and be surprised when the Kats announce that you have used the secret word! I think it will be fun! Anyway, we shall see.

There are no restrictions whatsoever as far as time constraints or number of entries, or number of times you can win! For instance in response to the KatKwery, a dialog might go like this:

Member 1: I have collars on all my cats, it's the thing to do.
Member 2: But I have heard of too many cats being hung by these.
Member 3: Yeah, that's kind of scary.
Member 1: But if you use breakaway collars that is not an issue.
Member 4: I've never heard of breakaway collars. Are they safe?...etc.

Member 1 wins for using the secret word first (breakaway). If nobody uses the secret word, the points are carried over to the next day,1400, 2100 and so forth until somebody finally collects all the points.

There will be a the KatKwery playoffs and Super Bowl beginning October 1. The top 8 point winners will compete in a most exciting playoff for the right to play in the Super Bowl that will pay 100,000 points to the winner! The Kats promise a most exciting time!