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Famished kitten

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Our new kitten acts as if he's constantly starving...He begs for our food, attempts to paw food from the dog's bowels and stalks the kitchen.

He has food in his bowel and he's been eating but I've never seen anything like this. Our other cat wouldn't even touch dog or people food but this kitten acts as if he's starving. Does this sound normal?
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Was your kitten feral when you got him? I have two feral cats that I rescued from the street and they both act like this. Buster, in particular, is the worst and tries to eat out of the trash. Even though I rescued him in 2000, he still has this fear that there will be no food left and gorges himself. He also tries to steal my human food. He's mellowed out a bit over the years though.
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Yes, pretty normal behavior for kittens. Because they are growing and burn so much energy playing, you're supposed to leave food out for kittens all the time. Are you free feeding the kitten? If not, you should switch to that.

And yes, former ferals tend to be even greedier about getting food.
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Jack is definitely not feral but he is all about trying to steal people food, it has been quite a struggle to get him to not do that. He paws at plates will do anything to try to take people food of all sorts. I emptied a can of creamed corn yesterday, rinsed it and placed it in a bag I hang on the door for recycling. He pawed at the bag until that can fell out so he could lick it. (Usually he leaves that bag alone).

Meanwhile, his bowl still has food.

My last kitty was like that too, and stole dog food from a friends dog that stayed with me for a while. Eventually I had to feed the dog elsewhere because she intimidated the dog away from her food.

I am astounded that my friend's two cats neither of them care about ANY people food not even tuna.
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