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Pet Sitting/Walking business

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Do any of you do this for a living or know anyone that does? My friend Debi is thinking of opening one, but would love to hear your feedback on the pros and cons of trying to do this type thing for a living....... Thanks!!
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I would LOVE to do something like this for a living. I hate my job and am not a big fan of desk jobs in general but I don't think there's a big demand for this type of thing in my area.
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You never know......could be people that work all day that just want/need someone to come let their dog out to go potty and a little attention while they're gone all day to someone going on vacation and needing someone to watch thier babies while they're gone....
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This is what I do for a living.
I work for someone else though, and I have to say, the way to make a real living at it would be to own your own company. However, I am aware of how much work goes into operating your own successful business, and I am not interested in doing that. I know my boss spends a lot of time every day on running it. She started up 7 years ago and is definitely reaping the rewards of owning her own business.
Pet oriented jobs are fun by nature (you will get the occasional stressful client) and each day tends to be different.
In our area (around 400,000) there are at least four successful walking/sitting businesses operating, and a lot more ones that I don't consider "professional".
Good luck to Debbie! It is definitely a fun and rewarding job.
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Out of curiousity, how many people does your boss employ?
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As someone who's stuck now - can't travel due to pets, I wish there were more pet sitters. There's one that does cover this area but I pretty sure if I told the person what pets I have, their very specific requirements and the fact that some will try to escape their cages, I would hear "uh... I don't do that".

If you really want to make it as a pet sitter, learn that pet doesn't only mean cats and dogs. Too many bird, reptile, fish, and even insect keepers are stuck without knowledgeable people to watch their pets. Unfortunately, and probably why most people won't do it, reptiles (lizards and turtles) need live insects and/or freshly prepared veggies.
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I would love to herp-sit! I might have to do some research on my own to find out if there's any real remand for this in my area.
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If your friend is in an urban area that's doing reasonably well in this economy, there's probably a lot of petsitters, etc., in the area, or close by. She might want to hook up with one as an intern/employee to learn the ropes.

And, not quite the same, but poop scooping is also a growing industry, if she's interested in that.
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Just wanted to mention this site: it is the only national group I know of (doesn't mean there are more!) for pet sitters and should also be a resource for your friend to check out
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I am a professional pet sitter and own my own company. I LOVE it! It's a very rewarding line of work. It is not a job for people who want to retire early, however, it pays the bills. I usually send people who want to be professional pet sitters to for general info and I always give two pieces of advice. One, don't even consider doing this without insurance. Two, it is not for the faint of heart. I've been bitten by dogs three times. I HATE being bit. Though, in 10 years 3 bites isn't bad. What's really tricky is convincing animals to do what you want and naturally, they don't cooperate on your busiest days. It takes a lot of creativity, patience and animal know-how. Also, it takes good business sense. If your friend's only desire is to play with animals she just needs a pet of her own. If she is genuinely concerned for the well fare of any animal she meets and is willing to work hard and even get dirty then she's got the spirit it takes to be successful.
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
Out of curiousity, how many people does your boss employ?
Currently there are 5 of us working for her.
We're busy and getting busier so there's usually enough visits to keep everyone happy, although it does fluctuate quite a bit.
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Thanks for the info guys.........
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