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baby pictures

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Since everyone seams to like pictures, i thought it might be fun to see what everyone looked like as a baby. Come on, i know i cant be the only one that has baby pictures of myself!

Dont be shy, i'll start!

me and my daddy in 1977 i was a year old.

not sure how old i was here.

not exactly a baby in 1980 but i love this picture, this is me age 4, my grandpa and his fish, and my younger sister age 3.
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Oh, you are adorable.
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thanks! too bad i couldnt stay that adorable, lol
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baby is so cute, lovely
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I would love to show everyone my baby pictures, but haven't got a scanner to get them uploaded on here

My start to life wasn't really a good one...I was born 3 months premature, at 26 weeks to be exact. I was so poorly that the doctors thought I wouldn't make it through, so they suggested mum and dad got a priest out to see me, but they didn't, they knew I was a fighter.

I amazed the doctors and nurses at the hospital though, after passing away 3 times (yes 3!) I managed to pull through my ordeal, and after 3 months in intensive care, I was allowed home!

Being the first baby on that unit to use an incubator with no top on it, I must have been one lucky little soul And I'm here 22 years later to tell the tale!

The pictures I have also are ones of me covered from head to toe in tubes and hospital equipment, I will show them to you all if I can
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I would if I had a scanner!!! Love your pics btw!!
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In that second picture you actually look a little like my niece does now. XD I'd post a picture, but I don't have any recent enough to make the comparison.
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I'm in the same boat, I would love to but do not have a scanner. I have TONS of baby photos I wish I could share, but I can't!
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This sort of thread has been done quite a few times. Here's one that had quite a few responses. I noticed some have removed their photos. Mine is in there somewhere.
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I don't have any of me here. They are all at my moms house.
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I was sorting through old photos tonight, and thought it would be fun to have a thread...then I found out we already had one. This is me (the lady is Mom--wasn't she gorgeous?My fave is the last one!):


Baby pix 001.jpg

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I was walking at 8 months old. I drove my parents nuts!



After I finally grew some hair and started looking like a girl:



At Hains Point in DC. I'm the one in pink.





I broke my leg roller skating when I was 4. I was so mad because I couldn't play with all the other kids.


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Awww, these are too cute!

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