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Increased frequency of hairballs

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My cat Mikey has been vomiting up tiny hairballs a few times a week.
I am going to call the vet in a couple of days and get some petroleum jelly. I have already begun brushing him more.

But I'm posting to see if anyone else has experience with the increase in frequency of the hairballs. It used to be a once a month kind of thing...and they were larger. Now, it's almost every other day and the hairballs are about 1 square cm.

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It's not uncommon for the frequency of hairballs to increase during shedding season, which typically starts in early spring. The brushing should help.
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Brushing , possible hairball goop, a bit of butter
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It's probably just the time of year. It's getting warmer out, cats are shedding more and grooming more. I know my cat Matilda is, she has a lot more hairballs than she used to and she is shedding a lot more than she did over the fall/winter. (Despite the fact that she doesn't ever go outside).

I like the natural hairball gels instead of petroleum products. I forget the name of mine but I bought it at PetSmart and I just mix it in her wet food. Some dry foods have ingredients in them to help prevent hairballs. When Matilda was eating Nutro Natural Indoor dry, she never had a hairball. I would consider finding a food that has something in it for cats prone to hairballs.
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My cat has always had hairball problems, because her system has trouble digesting the hair that she ingests during grooming (even during non-shedding seasons). It's alleviated by necessary frequent grooming and hairball remedy (Petromalt, which she absolutely loves).
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