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Cougar shot in Chicago

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After a number of sightings in the Chicago suburbs, most recently in Wilmette, police have shot and killed a cougar on the Northwest side of Chicago (near Hoyne and Damon in the Roscoe Village neighborhood, if you know the city.)

Story here:
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I feel bad for the cougar. Why didn't they use a tranquilizer?
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I don't know why they don't traquilize the animal and take it back to it's natural surroundings. It makes me so mad when they shoot and kill these cats.
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OMG! That poor cat must have been absolutely terrified!

There better be an investigation into why it was shot dead instead of tranquelized and taken out of town!
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feel so pity for it.
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*%*^^%)^*)% don't these people know anything about relocation or animal sanctuaries???
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Most of them probably don't care.
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They always shoot first and ask questions later. They don't give two hoots about that cougar, it is just easier to shoot it dead so they can go have a donut break. It makes me sick.
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According to the news, they shot it because it was a 150 pound cougar wandering through city backyards near a school and they were afraid of what would happen. They cornered the animal and it lunged at them so they shot it... It was an unusual situation because cougars are not known to exist in Illinois. They're not sure if this was an escaped pet or what.
I agree that it would have been better if they had called Animal Control and had the cougar tranquilized. Last year a coyote wandered into a Quizno's restaurant in downtown Chicago and in that case the coyote was tranquilized and brought to a sanctuary...
However, in the city there are only a very few animal control officers and they are based on the far south side so I can see how it could be a problem for them to get to this north side neighborhood in time.
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That was handled horribly!!!

I almost bet it was a "pet" at one point and time, and some idiot got tired of feeding it, etc and just let it go!!!

May the cougar RIP
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
I feel bad for the cougar. Why didn't they use a tranquilizer?
Even the comments section showed the same sentiments. The animal was scared, confused but not acting aggressively; the police were apparenty the same, scared, confused but they did what they had to to protect the public.
Oh, to be a fly on the wall at their precinct - what were the cops' attitudes - "OMG, that was a close one, thank God no one was hurt" OR is it more like, "YEAH, bagged me one BIG cat!!!". Guess we'll never know
Since the cougar was well fed, it's most likely someone's escaped pet.. Play happily over the Bridge, cougar you are free now!
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Poor cat!!

I used to live in Chicago. There are animal control officers all over the city and not just limited to the south side. There are also 2 zoos in the city and they could have been called for consulation. You bet they had tranquilizers that could have been used on the cougar.

A few years back, there were 11 confirmed cougars that live in the Kansas City area. One of them got hit by a car and it was interesting to note that none of the news broadcasted the fact that there were 10 more out there. My guess is that environmental groups don't advertise them as if they did, people would go out and shoot them. My neighbor saw one once and we found a large cat killed deer in our back yard. I suspect one of them lived behind our house for the 13 years we lived there. They never bothered us.

I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't a lot more Cougars in Illinois than what they are advertising. They are very, very allusive when they want to be.
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What a bunch of dumb morons. Of course, lets kill the animal, because there is not much open space left for them to go. God forbid one might wonder into our stupid stinking cities, where we destroyed all wild places just for human greed. They could have darted the cougar and relased him/her into the wild. They could have trapped it as well. That cougar would NOT have injured anyone. Hey PETA (and others like them), where are you on this one if you really care about animals!!
I almost bet it was a "pet" at one point and time, and some idiot got tired of feeding it, etc and just let it go!!!
Since the cougar was well fed, it's most likely someone's escaped pet..
Why are we blaming a private owner for this?? Until the real FACTS are in, we can not say for sure. I doubt it was a pet, because they are not allowed in the state of Illinoise as a pet.(Stupid ban law) Just because it was well fed means it was a pet? There is plenty of food for a cougar in the wild. Deer are plenty and very easy prey for cougars. Wild cougars exist in the state of Michigan, not far from Illinoise really. There has been a WILD cougar spotted in southern Wisonsin and Northern Illinoise. You can read more about cougars here Wild cougars are very elusive, even where they are plenty and well populated in the wild. That is why they are also known as the Ghost cat.Had this been a pet, especially one well socialized, it would not have been a threat to anyone and would have not acted the way it did. Wild cougars are NO threat to people as well, unless of course, you chase them and corner them So, before the facts are in, lets not blame a private owner. Lets blame humans for destroying the homes of these great cats!!
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The newest news reports I have read say:

Cook County officials confirmed Tuesday that a cougar that roamed the city over the last week was a wild animal and was not from a zoo or a private owner.

Many people are upset over how this was handled. You can read more here:
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I caught a bit of the news about this earlier today.

Play happy now over the bridge sweet big baby! Now you are safe and sound!
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Such a shame The poor thing didn't want to be in the city...just wandered there and was shot. So tragic.
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