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what do I do with them now?

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As of today, Pennie's kittens can climb out of the box we've had them in. What do I do with them now? Where will they be safe? They've been in our office, with lots of electrical cords. The bathroom is used in the night and I'm afraid they'll fall in the toilet. We have a laundry room that may work, but they can get behind the washer/dryer. Help! What do I do with them? (BTW, they're 4 weeks old today).
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Can you untangle and wrap the cords, kitten-proof the room and let them have free roam of your office? At 4 weeks old, they need room to run, jump and play to work those developing muscles.
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We kept our 4 week kittens we were fostering in the spare bathroom. Kept the toilet lid closed and the tub closed. Once they could jump and climb more we had their litter box in the tub over a towel on the drain(to make sure they didn't get caught) to give them more room to run around and jump. Once they grew out of the bathroom we gave them a spare bedroom to live in. We also would let them run around the house (with some doors closed off) under our supervision a few times a day so they could get plenty of play time and exercise!

If you can't kitten-proof any room besides the bathroom, maybe just make sure you allow them to roam some bigger rooms a few times a day under your supervision...that way you can make sure they aren't getting into anything bad. Also in a small place like a bathroom, you can make things for them to play on...we taped up a box and cut some holes in it so they could play, climb, hide, pounce from the holes and sleep inside or on top of it.

Good luck with them, this is a FUN age! Can't wait til our 10 day old kitties start playing!
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I put them in the laundry room overnight. Apparently, Pennie hates it. She stands at the door meowing, instead of lying contentedly with the kittens (as she's done for the past 4 weeks). This is stressing me out. I don't want them in the office, too many hazards now that they can get out of their box. Pennie doesn't understand this, and will run to the office meowing as soon as the laundry room door is opened. What can I do? I want them safe, and I want Pennie to chill out!
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Do you have a spare bedroom or one that you can use? Or how about a large dog crate.
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Pennie & her babies are kept at your workplace, right? Is there any spare room that isn't a hazard (such as a broom closet or something) where they can stay in overnight?? If you keep them in the restroom, is there something you can place on top of the toilets so they can't jump in??

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