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Dinner tonight?

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What did you have for dinner? I can't decide what to make, so if you have any simple ideas, toss them my way! In the cupboards/freezer I've got some pasta, tinned tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, rice, chicken breasts, and ground venison...and not much else.

Last night we had honey crusted salmon, garlic baked potatoes and broccoli.
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Had a big lunch at a Chinese buffet, so we just had tuna fish sandwiches for supper. Made Sterling happy (he got a taste).
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I have a pot roast talking to itself in the crock pot. Have had a yen for pot roast for a while, and saw a nice piece of beef the other day, so finally we're getting it.
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I had bbq hot dogs and fries.
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I am making sushi, or maybe just salmon and a salad, I can't decide yet what we will have
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Macaroni and cheese
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Wasn't feeling to energetic tonight so for me it was the ultimate comfort food.

Tomato Soup and a Grilled Cheese.

Plus 3 almonds, 4 strawberries and some green grapes for dessert.
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I made "ma po tofu" with ground turkey and peas... over white rice.
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I had frozen pizza
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still frozen?
ouch bet your teeth hurt :o
we had fish and chips
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I had leftover pizza and some fried fish.
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We ordered some pizzas tonight.
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I realized when I got home that I hadn't gotten anything for dinner, so I took some split pea soup out of the freezer. I had made it a couple of weeks ago and frozen a big I had that! It was pretty hearty!
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