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Cat Companionship?

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Well I've been debating off and on for awhile about getting JuJu a forever best friend. The only problem is, how do you know if its a good idea? Or what kind of companion to get your cat? I've owned JuJu about 1 year, and I've learned a lot about her dislikes and likes. She is a wonderful and friendly cat. I got her from a rescue in VA, when I went on a traveling spree with a friend on vacation. I stayed up there for awhile and adopted her. But I was wondering if anybody had any sites or information on how to match her with the best kind of friend. JuJu can be a very frisky and over-ruling female. Likes being in charge and getting a lot of attention, when I adopted her. The lady said she liked curling up with the other cats and being near other kitties. So I thought she would like a play mate, but she is 5. I was thinking something with like a mid level play mode, or something not bouncing off the ways. She can be very active and playful, but she HATES when you nag on her about something. Like how people nag there cats with toys lol "Sassy.. look sassy get the mouse.. get the mouse". She will just walk off and ignore you. But then my vet I work for said some cats like the op. of themselves? Very confusing, so I'd like to read up on matching cats with companions. I was thinking of going back up to the shelter I got her from and looking at there cats. (There only about 6hrs, and It would be a fun trip on the week-end)????
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You might want to consider a neutered male. Females tend to be more territorial, so that might help reduce the initial bickering. But others here will chime in, I'm sure.

We got Punkin a friend, just for the exercise, and he certainly gets that!
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I was reading up and it says a single cat gets lonely. But I have dogs so I never considered that, then again what cat really enjoys a dog LOL? She certainly loves getting her crankyness out by beating them up, but thats about it. They had a few I liked and they are all males lol. I really love long hairs or med. haired kitties. But I'd never rule out a cat due to its hair length
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I would evaluate her quality of life now before anything - is she alone all day? For how long? Because cats sleep an awful lot during the day anyhow, and if you play with her a lot when you are home, and she has a great cat tree with perches and caves, as well as toys and nibbles, she may be cool on her own. A young male may be initially a good friend, but as time goes on, chances are he'll try to dominate and even terrorize her - it's a macho male thing and almost impossible to train away. Another female could work, but how to judge is hard and when it doesn't work, it really doesn't work! So think carefully before making your mind up.
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Here's my experience: Lilly was 4 years old when I adopted Forrest last summer (he was 14 weeks old). She totally hated him at first even after a slow introduction and now after all this time they are "almost' best friends. Forrest is extremely active and has a lot of Oriental blood in him. Lilly is very laid back and usually only wants to sleep and eat.

If I could do it all over again I would try to find a kitten more similar in personality type to Lilly. I'm really not sure if it would matter if it was female or male as long as it was de-sexed. Right now the two get along mostly Ok, but I spend extra time entertaining Forrest so he does not bother Lilly so much.

I think Lilly DOES enjoy the company of another cat and would miss him if he were gone. She really loves it when the little guy is being nice and lays next to her and grooms her but she hates it when he is in "attack and play" mode. She was happy to be an "only" cat but I honestly think she is happier now with the little terror running around to entertain her.
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I've been considering it for months. I work full time, but mostly in the mornings (like 6am-2 or 3pm, you get the drift). So I'm home during the day, she actually isnt that lazy even at 5. Thats why I was thinking about it, when I'm home I basically carry her around like a toddler. She LOVES being held lol, dont ask me why and belly rubs. Also treats, If it has something to do with you babying her she's all for it. But when I'm busy like cleaning or doing something. She will go bother the dogs and my 8 month doesnt want to play with her. Mainly because she's a cat and he just thinks she's annoying. That and I always get afraid he will get to rough (she's 12lbs he's 67, BIG difference lol). JuJu has like a million toys, 2 beds MY bed, like 3 scratching tree's. A giant play jungle, I almost bought out Petco when I got her if you get my drift. I overwork things because she always seems bored. I thought If I got an older cat it would be fine alone, but she still likes to play around and snooze in my lap and get attention. I just think what If I get another cat that likes to cuddle and be with other kitties? She really loves attention and it doesnt need to be just me. When Cassidy licks her or lets her lay on top of her, she just likes being cozy and keep warm with others.

I feel like I'm being so cruel not letting her have a playmate. Something interesting but still calm, I'm not interested in a kitten. I dont have the mental stability right now for the crazyness and she doesnt either. I'm talking like maybe a 2-3yr.old adult cat with some playfulness left. Like her, because If you ignore her she will go sleep or do nothing. As if she's telling me she's bored, no matter how many new toys I get her she's not interested for very long. Then I thought, they said she liked attention from other cats at the shelter? So maybe she could use a kitty friend to boss around and play with. Would It be a good idea to take her to a few shelters and let her play with there cats? To see who she clicks with or who she likes being entertained by? I dont want to bring one home and they end up disliking one another.
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1) the shelters won't let you - just think what horrible diseases you could introduce :-), and 2) it takes around 2 wks for 99% of cats to stop acting like they hate each other anywhere and she'd only be seen as an intruder.
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My experience is a bit sad - when my female cat was 9 months old, we got another cat, a 2-month-old male who we had neutered. They always seemed to hate each other, I would catch the male with big tufts of the other's fur in his mouth, although he wasn't at all aggressive with us, a bit wild was all.

About a year and a half later, the male disappeared, and the female is happy as can be. Hangs out with us, purrs all the time - I think she was miserable with him. I feel sad about where he may have wound up (we live in the city, he must've jumped from the two-storey roof to the street and just ran...he was a crazy cat), it rained solid for two days after he disappeared, but on the other hand our remaining cat seems so much happier now. I think some cats prefer to be alone.
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Actually all the cats at our nearby shelter are very healthy and UTD on everything, they section it off. I also worked for them before and they said they could let me bring her and interview a few of the cats to see how she reacts to them. I have a play pen, and I can do them one by one. In a level place, like in there hall way or vet room. Where neither cat will feel they can claim the room. Because there not use to being there. Which would give them a clean slate. If they fight I'll simply pull her out. I dont think she's the kind of cat that likes being by her self. She sure isnt showing it off that way? I seen a lot of people on here have much more than 2 cats, but little have 1. Every where I read it says 2 cats are better than 1? Very confusing lol.
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I am really nervous about this with my new cat. (I took in a 6 month old male stray, and had him neutered). My resident female cat has been an only cat for 6 *years*, so I am praying they'll get along and maaaybe even like each other. My husband had argued against getting a second cat for all this time, thinking that she would rather just be an only. Our new bundle of teeth and claws was completely unexpected.

I don't have any advice at the moment, but I do empathize!! Good luck!
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I cant understand why people think animals "like" being alone? Do you like being alone lol? Wrong kind of question from me, I got a cat and dog(s) because I was all alone. Nothing to do, work, come home and do nothing. She basically has nobody but me and 2 wacky dogs lol. Why wouldnt she want somebody to be with when she cant be with me? I'm NOT getting a kitten lol, I'm preplanning this out. A youngster will be to much, specially for her age. I can see where that would go wrong lol. She's 5yrs.old, and a kitten would just give her a heart attack hehe. Thanks for everybody's advice!
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I will tell you females have a tendency to be more territorial then males and take longer to accept a newcomer. For best results, look for a younger laid back male maybe 6 months to 1 yr and neutered. Another female may cause more rivalry in the house.

Ling was about 18 months when we brought in Charlie (4 months old). Ling hated him for months and still would rather play with the dog. We'll be adopting a baby brother for Charlie next spring.
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here's my stories: my 1st cat, Medley, was an only cat for several years. i had read that grumpy cats [she was definitely that!] could benefit from a feline companion. being ignorant, i got a kitten - she hated the new kitten [a girl]. even after several years, while they learned to peacefully co-exist, she seemed much happier when she was a only cat again [had to rehome the other for behavior issues].

now, i have 5. Pixel was adopted w/a littermate, Mouse. Cable was acquired when Pixel & Mouse were 7 - she was about 8 weeks old [found in the road]. neither of them liked her too much. about 5 months after i got Cable, Mouse passed away - i was really glad, then, that i had Cable, so that Pixel wasn't alone [she never had been in her life]. but Cable was a kitten, & a little to high-energy for Pixel... who liked snuggling w/her & the mutual grooming, but not the play!

then, about 4 months after Mouse passed, i acquired another stray - Java [found in a parking lot]. Java is about 6 months younger than Cable. this solved the play issue - Java & Cable would play, Pixel & Cable would snuggle. everyone was happy... but i still missed my lap cat, Mouse.

2 years after Mouse passed, i adopted Chip, my male, from a shelter. he was described as non-dominant & laid-back [true!] & Cable was the only one who really seemed to resent his presence. she would whack him at least once a day [probably to assert her 'alpha cat' status]. he's been here 2 years, now, & everyone gets along most of the time.

Firefox was a feral kitten whom i rescued [near death] last June. she's integrated the best of all the cats - Chip snuggles w/her, Pixel snuggles w/her, Cable & Java will play with her.
[sorry about the novel!]
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Seriously, some cats are better off alone with the human as their companionship. They aren't like us, like humans. You can't compare like that.

I have only one cat. But my cat is very social, she lives with humans and dogs, no other cats. She is a happy cat and we don't feel she is being wronged in any way, her best friend is our youngest dog (2 years old). They groom each other, take naps together, and are bff's. She also spends a lot of time all over the humans. She is super affectionate.
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When I got her she was never alone, she always had other cats. I'm not just pulling this out my butt because I want another cat. If that was the case I would of just got one and let her adjust in her own time. Im asking because she's never been with out other cats, doesnt get along very well with my dogs, and acts bored when I dont cuddle with her. I'm not another animal I dont groom her or feel like another kitty. As much as I try to over come her aloneness with beds and toys. She never feels satisfied with that method. I've considered fostering and seeing how it goes. If she likes the companionship of another cat or would rather be alone. If they get along I can always get in to the option of adopting the foster cat. The only thing the shelter(s) offer is a 1-2 week trial, and being her age. I think It will take a good 3 or more weeks for her to adjust or show any real bonding with another cat. Specially after 1 year of being with out a buddy.
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Originally Posted by DezKitty View Post
. I've considered fostering and seeing how it goes. If she likes the companionship of another cat or would rather be alone. If they get along I can always get in to the option of adopting the foster cat. The only thing the shelter(s) offer is a 1-2 week trial, and being her age. I think It will take a good 3 or more weeks for her to adjust or show any real bonding with another cat. Specially after 1 year of being with out a buddy.
This is smart thinking and I agree, maybe you should talk to them about that extended time period. That sounds very responsible of you.
I didn't mean to make you defensive when I said some cats are better alone. I was just trying to relate that some cats are different. I know one cat on here that lives alone and is very happy and fulfilled. I have a cat that is super social and without other animals or us giving her attention all the time would be a miserable kitty kitty. They are all different. It sounds like yours would like a feline friend.
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I didnt mean to seem defensive. I just havent owned many cats, not for long, and I dont want to make her sad. My vet even said If she's not getting enough play time or is depressed that could be why she can be a little brat. Ex: Hissing, hates grooming, picking on the dogs, lol. I contacted the group I got her from H.A.R.T they said, I could adopt one than bring It back any time If they dont get along. You know how guilty I would feel lol? "Sorry you have to go back to a hectic shelter because fussy pants dislikes you" . I considered fostering because It wouldnt be self gain or personal interest. I would be doing It to so If she liked the cat, If not It still got a new home. Didnt have to go back to the shelter. Or would that be worse lol? I haven't fostered since I got JuJu. They have a few really handsome males that would get along with her just fine. There's a shelter called D.R.E.A.M right here in Kingsport. But 3/4 of there cats dont like other cats or have a medical problem lol.
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