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I am dissapointed, I didn't pass inspection

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The inspector was very nice, we hit it off well. the inspector liked a lot of things about how this place is set up, and for the number of foster kitties(9) we have it is ok. It's just if we go over that number that we need a liscence.
well, no hardwood floors - they have to be covered with linoleum

that is the trickiest part.
Have to make a better isolation place (which just means finishing the bathroom)
have to install ventilation fans in the windows of the foster rooms.

but, hardest of all
The resident kitties can't play with the fosters, ever!

I said it woudl be quite awhile before I could get the house to spec. I don't really PLAN on having tons of fosters, it was just in case somethine happened that pushed us over the limit. like an emergency case came in I had to take.

at least the lady liked most of how we have things, that is good. She was kinda blown away by my record keeping tho. heeheehee. I pulled out Legume's file to show her.

no one can say I don't keep records!

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Please don't be dissapointed, think of it as a learning experience. Now you have the information that you need to make it a safer place for all of the kittens/cats.

I know when we went through our Vet inspection, it took almost all afternoon and although we did well, we certainly learned a btter way to do things. Luckily we were able to incorporate everything into our new house.

Take it a little ata time and before long, you'll be done.
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Im just curious,Who does inspections for cat foster homes? And what agency would issue you a liscence? Just wondering.
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Bendy: LOl I'm not really sure what your trying to do, but good luck!

I keep having these laws that passed last year go through my head, but I dont know if it has anythign to do with what your tryign to accomplish.
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I am allowed to have 9 foster cats, more than that and I need a lisence.

with kitten season coming on, it will be VERY easy to go over nine.
I am allowed to OWN as many as I like.

It's the board of health, the state vet came out.

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Ahh ok, that's what I figured.
I'm not sure what the laws are in my town, at any rate I'm sure I'm not over my limit.

So do cat horders have to get license too?

Hope your able to get everything done you can in a timely manner. What is their reasoning for the fosters not associating with the home cats?
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Bendy you will find that they want you to jump through all sorts of hoops and once you jump they ask you to jump some more. There are always reasons behind their madness though, for they have rules and protocols to follow and adhere to.

Best of luck- you are going to like linoleum up your walls, makes cleanup a breeze!
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bendy - good luck meeting all the specs. it is great what you are doing!
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I guess I'm really naive about this stuff...forgive me. I didn't know you had to pass inspection to have foster cats. The walls have to be covered in linoleum as well??? Wow! That seems a bit extreme to me...but I am sure there is a good reason.

Good luck to you!!!!
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It's good to know that there are agencies that check up on this stuff, even though passing their requirements sounds like a chore. It means that someone, somewhere is concerned for the welfare of the foster kitties.
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Debby: I'm not aware of there being a law that everyone who fosters has to have a license, though in recent years they have really cracked down on foster parents and rescue groups, mostly to prevent animal hording.

I think the issue was how many cats you can have at one time to actually run a foster program with a license.
I don't run a foster program. I take in one animal at a time, strays that come to me, or ones that come to me through a rescue group, and thusly they are incharge of the say so of the animal, not me on those occasions.

But as I stated I'm not totally sure on what it is Bendy is going through right now.
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Bendy - I'm glad there was so LITTLE you need to do!!! It sounds like you're a long way to where you want to be, and I'm glad the inspector was happy with what you DO have!!!!! That's great!

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