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So lonely now my Dave is gone

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My first cat Dave died two weeks ago.
He was close to his 2nd birthday.

I miss him so much. We have been left with such an emptiness, in both our hearts and in our house.

He was such a homely guy, and loved being around us.

It was such a shock when we found out he had been hit by a car during the night.

The driver hadnt stopped, and had probably not realised that they had hit a cat. Luckily some passers by saw him lying in the road at midnite, picked him up and moved him to the edge of the pavement and then called us to let us know.

We got the message in the morning, and it was the worst news we could have had. We broke down. He was our baby. We had been there when he and his brothers and sisters were born.

I miss the silliest things about him. The way he sat on the bathmat when i was in the bath, and when i went under the water he would jump up to check where i had gone.
The way he hated us going to bed to would chase us around and grab our legs when he could see us getting ready.
The way he sat right infront of the tv when we were watching our faveourite programms.
The way he was so sneeky and stole chips, one by one from our plates.
And many more.

We have had him cremated and now have him back. We were planning on scattering his ashes, but have now changed our minds and would rather keep him in the nice little wooden box.

We have got a little digital photoframe which we used the last time he was in the vets for a week when he was ill. We missed him so much we filled it with pictures of him so we could look at it all the time.
Its nice having that now.
His life was cut very short, and I find it hard not blaming ourselves, but I hope he loved living with us as much as we did with him.

He was loved by everyone who came in contact with him.
There have been tears from so many people. It makes me feel happy that he touched so many people in the two years we had him.

I think I could talk about him for hours and hours. Its just nice being able to get out bits of how we have been feeling to people who know how cats affect our lives.
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RIP Dave

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of one so young. Rest in Peace Dave.
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Sos sorry about your Cat.
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my heart goes out to you. i have lost 3 cats in road accidents and i know the pain and shock you must be feeling. hold on to your memories, they will help ease the pain.

RIP dave, play happily with all your new friends across the bridge.
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Poor baby, i'm so sorry

Be safe and healthy over rainbow bridge where theres no traffic

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I am so sorry for your loss, remember the good times with him
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what a lovely tribute to your sweet boy. i know he's deciding just which special kitty to guide you to - our departed furbabies seem to do that! for Dave & for you. talk all you want - we don't mind!
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So sorry to hear about your cat Dave. That was such a sweet tribute to your precious boy
May Dave Rest in Peace If you need anything - we are all here for you
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I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your cat.
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Condolences on your loss of your dear Dave. Such a special cat to so many here on earth - a sad loss for your whole family! I am glad that you know what happened to him, that it was an accident and you are not left wondering. It does give a closure.
You did a great job of letting us see his personality. My favorite was how he would check to see where you'd gone when you'd go under the water in the bath - I am sure that he is entertaining the angels over RB in the same way
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I`m so sorry for your lose

Rest In Peace Dave
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