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Cat grass

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I bought Popsie some today. I have to grow it so it'll be awhile before he can have some. I was reading the TSC cat grass article and couldn't find how much cats should eat. It just said to leave it out so they can graze on it at will. Is that the best way to do it or do some of you just give it to them every so often?
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Just leave it out. Mine have one near their food, and one on the window seat. Mine don't eat very much of it though. Ramsay just licks at it and rubs his face in it, and Gus plucks out the blades and plays with them. Oh well, they still seem to enjoy it!
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I leave it out for free-grazing.
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I just bought some at Petsmart on Friday but it looks like its dying. How do you take care of it?
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I don't buy the already grown stuff, since you don't know how long it's been there and I find they prefer it fresh.

I just get oat grass seeds from a health food shop.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I just bought some at Petsmart on Friday but it looks like its dying. How do you take care of it?
It only lasts about 2-3 weeks total, so you're best off buying the seed packets. You can get bags of seeds at Petsmart by the catnip. It grows in a few days and you can just top it up by adding new seeds every couple weeks. Just keep it well watered or it'll go bad.
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I buy the seeds from they've lasted forever and I'm always planting grass for him! Oliver loves it! Just leave it out and he'll eat it when he's in the mood
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I just buy the seeds and plant it, like missymotus said you dont know how long its been sitting. I just leave it out 24/7 for her to pick at. She likes it now and then for a snack.
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i will have to get the Seeds.
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What about the soils? - Do you use regular potting soil like from Miracle grow?
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Wow, this stuff grows quick. I planted it only two days ago. I check it this morning and the seeds have little roots. So I moved it to a sunny spot like the instructions said. Upon looking at it again just now I noticed three grass shoots starting to sprout. They weren't there this morning.
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