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The ever elusive tail

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So I thought I'd give you all a Monday giggle .. Winston (and Murphy) are just turning a year old this week .. alas Winston still has not figured out how to foil that evil tails plans!!

The evil tail!

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oh that is lovely! 10 outta 10 for the double somersault winston!

like the way he casually licks his back leg and then wanders over to you at the end. 'i wasn't chasing my tail, i was doing gymnastics!'
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That darn thing just keeps jumping away from him! LOVE the summersaults, and how he starts licking it and then biting it just like my kitties do to each other. What a cutie!
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That is quite a show Winston!
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OMG! What a hoot!!!

He doesn't understand that tail is a part of him!!! Tooo Funny!!
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Oh good grief that was so funny!! Sophie still chases after her tail, and Rosie did it the other night, the first time in a long while. I could watch them for ages chasing it
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What an acrobat! I can't believe how long he spent chasing his own tail!
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wow - a cat that does somersaults!
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That was great! Kiko chases his from time to time but not with that much enthusiasm
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OMG that was so funny - I cracked up at the bits where he did the somersaults!
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