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Fungal Granuloma Infection

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I had posted earlier about Simba's condition with his ear. My vet had originally thought it was a cancerous tumor, but I found out this weekend he has what is called a "Fungal Granuloma". Has anybody ever heard of this? I'm the queen of online research, but am having trouble finding much information on this. I have found alot on humans that have had it, but cannot find anything on cats. I should find out later this week the course of action to treat this. The vet/dermatologist are currently trying to figure out what type of organism it is by doing a stain/culture. He is a carrier of ringworm and has battled it off and on for many years. I just know in my gut that's what it is... I'm thinking he will need to be on some type of oral anti-fungal, but still not certain. I'm really concerned since it is in his ear, down close to his ear drum, that it could possibly spread to other organs. I've dealt with fungus externally (skin), but never internally.
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could it just be yeast from where hes scratched and its gotten infected? i dealt with yeast infection in patchy's ears when i first got her. the vet thought she had ear mites at first but they were just filthy. they smelled really bad and she scratched them until they looked like hamburger. i had to keep putting drops in them constantly clean them so she wouldnt get scar tissue in them and go deaf. i think its a little too late, tho

its probably the same thing your kitty is dealing with
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Sending that all is well with your baby!
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Look up Granuloma syndrome in cats. I just saw information about it this morning. My Jordan's chin is supper swolen (I've got a photo posted under my thread). This is one of the possibilities of what is wrong with Jordan's chin, but the vet thought it was low on the list of possibilities.

Edit: I guess I just looked up swollen chin when I found that information.
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I guess yeast is a possibility, but she specifically said "fungal" infection. We are still waiting to hear back from the dermatologist. He is doing a stain, whatever that is... to try to pinpoint what type of fungus it is. She indicated I may need to bring him back in to do a culture. Poor little guy.... he gets his stitches from the biopsy out on Sunday. I know he will be thrilled to have that cone off!!!
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