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dry or canned food

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which do you use for your kitties?
My cats prefer the dry, so therefore that is all I buy..at one period Rocky was having trouble adjusting to his food and wehad to change it a few times because of his sensitive stomach, but we finally found one that is perfect for him and that is Authority for kittens....both my babies love it..
before finding this though I did use some canned but he didn't really care for it too much..
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You can't really make a cat eat, what it wont eat, simple as that.
I have fed the Authority food many times, I'm happy with it, a step up from most of the grocery store brands.

As far as your question goes. I don't think there is one true answer. Some vets will say dry, some will say wet, some owners will say dry, some will say wet. There has been research done on this topic, some show inconclusive, some show dry has more advantages, and others show wet does. In the end, reasearch it for yourself, speak with your vet minding if your cat has any allergies, and then feed what food you think feels right for your animal, and what she does GREAT on, not "oh well she's alive and doesn't have any deseases," type of food, lol.

My current 3 cats get dry food 2x per day, Solid Gold. And then every 3 days they will get some wet food (currently specially kitty, but sometimes I get other things like fancy feast) And they get the BARF diet when I can provide it for them. But I will adjust any diet for any cats needs. Dry food is what my gang does best on, if I feed them too much wet food their teeth get a lot of plaque on them and their breath really starts to stink.
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Hi Kathy! i really like your signature!

i copied and paste my previous posting:

My babies eat :

1. Fancy Feast wet food - tuna flaked feast, fish and shrimp flaked feast (favorite), grilled chicken feast (favorite), chuncky chicken feast (they don't like this), ocean whitefish feast in aspic seafood filets, ocean whitefish and tuna feast, sardine, shrimp & crab feast in aspic, ocean fish flaked feast, and chicken and tuna flaked feast.
the flaked fish/seafood varieties (Price: $0.39 per can from Target/$0.60 from Petco.)

Btw, for Fancy Feast, the kitties like the flake stuff.

2. Wellness dried foods -

a. Kitten Super5Mix - consist of deboned chicken, chicken liver, real cranberries/blueberries, flax seeds, and they don't have any rendered fats and no by-products (Price: $14.50 for a 5Lb 14Oz bag and $8.50 for a 2 LB 14 Oz bag)

b. Lite Super5Mix - consist of deboned chicken, chicken liver, real cranberries/blueberries, flax seeds, and also no rendered fats and no by-products (Same price as a.)

c. Salmon, Turkey & Herring Oil Formula (their favorite - smells good!) - consist of salmon, deboned turkey, herring oil, flax seed, cranberries/blueberries, and no meat by-products (same price as a.)

Wellness smells really good!


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My gang eats Nutro Max adult cat formula. I had been giving them tuna as a weekly treat, and then found out the potential health hazards of doing so, so I have substituted the new moist Nutro packs instead. I had been using the tuna pouches (instead of cans), and the Nutro moist is in the same sort of pouch. They've already made the connection, and still consider it to be their treat!

Since discovering this site, I have given serious consideration to changing over to either Royal Canin or Solid Gold. I have 2 coupons for free 20 lb bags of Nutro from Petco, so they will be eating it for a few more weeks. Royal Canin I can get locally, but the nearest place that sells Solid Gold is about 45 minutes from me. My other alternative is to order it from petfooddirect.com . I have also heard good things about Felidae...that also I would have to order online.
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Mom of 10: If you have any other petstores, the smaller individually owned ones, you might speak with them about special ordering SG or Felidea for you.
A lot of them will do that, plus maybe they would start carrying it on a regular basis once they realized what great foods they are!

I guess just find the one nearist you and ask, couldn't hurt
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That's a good idea; however, there aren't many smaller pet stores in the area, the megastores seem to have taken over! (Kind of what Home Depot and Lowe's have done to Mom and Pop hardware stores...)

I am thinking of asking petfoodirect for a sample of each, solid gold and felidae, to see which they like best. That's a good idea, and the worst they can do is say no!
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My cats get both. I used to only feed dry food but have since added wet food to hopefully avoid any other bladder infection in Sydney.

They get Nutro Complete Care Weight Management dry which I think is a wonderful food! For wet food, I give them Eagle Pack...it's the best wet food that I can find...so far.
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I also feed both dry and canned. Dry every day and canned every other day in addition to the dry. I have 6 cats and 2 of them don't really care for canned food as much as the others. Depending on which brand I use....they either take a few licks and walk away or finish most of it but rarely finish it all. The other 4 happily finish it up for them.
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