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I'm Babysitting my future Mom-in-laws dog.....I'm going to kill the thing!!!!

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I have had it up to here with that dang dog!!!! You take him out to potty and within 15 minutes he's peeing all over my house!!!! He's not potty trained, as you might have guessed. He has NO CLUE that peeing in the house is wrong. He'll be playing with Thor stop, pee, and go back to playing. He's pretty much been living in the kennel because I just can't deal with him peeing all over the place. I take him out, give him a chance, and without fail he pees again. He's 6 months old and she's had him since a pup....

I have wrote about him before. I got Thor and two weeks later my MIL got this registered "Long Haired Chihuahua." The second I saw him I knew he couldn't possibly be a purebreed. He's way too big, and his face is definitely not Chihuahua. I have my opinion of his mix, but I want to hear what others think!

Him in his condo


Here he is playing with Thor. Thor is about 8 months old and 5 lbs. Jerry is 6 months old and 8-9 lbs.

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Cavalier? He is WAY big compared to Thor, how bejepeers!

As for the not least Izzy doesn't pee all over the house, she uses piddle pads for that...pooping, she's working on that one still.
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He doesn't even know what a piddle pad is for I would have to make a carpet out of those things!
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Is she making any effort to housetrain him?
Or is she going to be one of those people who gets tired of him cuz he won't housetrain himself? (Sorry to sound rude, but someone needs to surrender a dog here & wishes to adopt one that is housetrained, because hers won't housetrain himself )
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I'd hate to think of what his owner's house looks/smells like! But it is a mix - I'm sure there is probably LH Chi in there, but its something more - no way is it a purebred dog.
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he is a mix with likely spaniel ...
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A 6 month old pup is still a baby. They get outside, pee a bit and get distracted. They need to pee again before coming inside. With our pups, we usually found that a 15 minute potty break (what a pain) paid off in a decrease in accidents (yea!).
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He is springer/cavalier spaniel cross LH chiouau(i cant spell it)
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He really is cute!!! Bless him....

I think he is Pekingnese mix?
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Hmmm I was thinking maybe Papillion/Dachshund x Chihuahua mix... or maybe some sort of Spaniel.

Aww poor thing.. did your MIL go out and get a Dog on impulse??
I had a Puppy that wouldnt Potty Train at all! .. but then again my Puppy could fit in a Teacup and couldnt walk down stairs.
Good luck with Jerry though!


Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
He really is cute!!!
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He definatly has chihuahua in him...but is not pure.
He is still young,but should definatly be trained to go outside.He sounds like a stubborn dog.
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I don't think he's purebred either.. but I can't really tell what else there might be.

I also know how you feel with the peeing in the house thing.. my step dad brought home a german pointer in November, and even though we keep working with her, she's been walking around outside, and a lot of the time, the second we bring her in, she pees and poops once she gets back in the house.. ugh!
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