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What time do your cats make the bed?

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It's almost noon and the cats have still not got up and made the bed!
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What a great picture! Awww...who could disturb those sweeties.

My cats don't make the bed. However, Tailer is very helpful whenever I change the sheets. He's my official clean sheet tester.
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check out the original photo for my sig!

if i don't get to the bed before shinobi in the mornings, there is no way i can make it. he always finds the snuggliest nests in the duvet and i never have the heart to move him. at least, that's my excuse!
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That is a wonderful photo!! Your cats are so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing that picture!
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Great pictures! They are so cute

My younger cats Shark and Arwen help out with the bed making, they will either climb into the new duvet cover, or just help me change the sheets by swiping at them when I'm trying to straighten them out...
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Cute pictures! That looks like my bed lately, all the cats want to sleep on it. They used to not, but now all of a sudden when I go in my room, it's covered in kitties. Then they get mad at me when I try to get in bed at night and try to move the ones in the way or accidentally kick them once the lights are off and I'm trying to get under the covers.
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Awwww, how could you move those sweeties? At my house the cats pretty much stick around us so they do not get on the bed unless we are there.
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Dang... you have to train them better!
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Awwwww they all look so comfy though
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You mean that beds are supposed to be made?

Your babies are adorable!!
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They are sweet!
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