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Kitty That Dislikes A Brush!

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When I got JuJu she had a tough little life, and was shy and nervous around me. NOT any more! lol. I love her and she is mainly a perfect angel. But lately she will start hissing and growling at me when I go to groom her. See she has long hair so she has to be groomed daily. I hate restraining her with putting a harness on her. But If I dont she wont let me with out a pleasant little bite or scratch. Then her hair gets all matted and tangled and she looks like a puff ball. THEN I have to cut her hair, its not pretty. I asked my boss (she's a vet), and she said try being very calm and make it a good experience. Like rewards, toys, treats, belly rubs etc. Well I tried giving her treats, It worked for about 3 days. Then she got bored with the method, so I tried giving her cat nip in a toy and she just ignored it and hid behind the sofa. Does anybody have any tips on how to help her enjoy being brushed? I dont use anything harsh, just a soft cat brush I bought from the pet store. I groomed my boss's cat at the office and he purred like an engine. So I know its not harming her? But she still wont let me groom her, I dont know what else to do. I wouldnt be as worried if she had short hair. But sadly, I dont have that option. She has to be groomed, and as much as she hates it, theres no way around it!

Maybe a special grooming brush for sensitive kitties? Or some way to massage her to calm down, I brush her daily (wether she likes it or not lol). So I'm not snagging on knots and hurting her, right now her hair is super silky and sleak. I just want to keep it that way, and I have a feeling she begs to differ!
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Some cats that do not take to regular brushes do take to a ZoomGroom. Perhaps you could try it and if she is accepting of it slowly work up to a regular brush?
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A ZoomZoom? I'm going to go ahead and guess thats a brand or a style of brush? I'll see If I can find it thanks .
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I have never needed this, but try a muzzle. My thinking is that with my own cats, I used to have trouble medicating them and clipping nails until I bought a Klaw Kontrol bag Once they learned they could not act out they began to calm down and I didn't need the bag very often. Obviously you have to have access to her for grooming so a muzzle would keep her from hurting you and slowing the grooming process.
After you're finished give a treat.

Unfortunately some cats object to grooming. I have three that will come running if they see me grooming someone else and demad brushing. I have one that enjoys brushing. I have one that will let me get in a few strokes before attacking the brush. I can ususally get a litlle grooming done on him. Then there's the baby. He attacks anything I try to groom him with. He even goes so far as to walk over and attack the brush while I'm using it on other cats. Good luck with your reluctant kitty.
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I really didnt want her to feel forced in to submission for grooming. Or risk the chance of injuring her, knowing that would make it worse. Do you think trying it while she's eating will help? Dinner time is her all time favorite event, so maybe If I show her then. She will be more relaxed and willing. Then If she acts up take the food away? Does anybody think this is a good or bad way to try?
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If she is a longhair you HAVE to be using a comb (fine toothed and medium toothed) on her. Brushes don't do a bit of good on a long hair. They have to have some "teeth" in them - not short ones, but longer ones.

And stop babying the cat - a longhair has to be taught to accept combing every day. Make it a routine. Be in charge. Right now your cat is in charge of things - not you. Be gentle but firm. YOU end the grooming session - not the cat. She knows if she protests and hisses, growls, etc. you will stop.

Set up a "grooming table" where you can work and make her sit/stand. Start at the head/ruff and gently work down to the back/sides and tail. The belly will be last and you may need 2 people (one to hold, one to comb).

But go get the proper combs for grooming.
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She has a fine-toothed grooming kit. I bought from a local pet shop. Its 5 items, she has 2 comes, one with an easy grip handle. It slides right threw like silk. Here hair isnt rough looking, so I know I'm grooming her right. I'm not "babying" her, I'm not going to be unwise. To the point me or the cat gets injuried. If It means nobody gets hurt, your darn straight I'm going to stop. I'm not going to risk getting hurt by her, and I wont have the risk her getting hurt by me. Grooming is should be enjoyable for her, specially a long haired cat. If It isn't, then it has nothing to do with her being in "charge". It means somethings wrong, she never acts this way BUT when were grooming. I'm thinking maybe some one hurt her before while grooming. Or didnt do it right and caused pain. When I hold her head and let her sit in my lap. Normally she will just sit there and let me. But dislikes it with a passion, I want a way to resolve her resenting grooming time. To make her enjoy it.
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If she is getting mats in the coat, then you are not using the combs properly. She may not like grooming (most really don't) but she should learn to accept and tolerate it.

I'm not sure how exactly you are grooming without being there in person so its kinda hard to help. I know how I would handle her and groom her if in person BTW I've shown cats for many years and do know how to groom a long and a short hair cat, so I would not be "mean" to her
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I'm not trying to be rude but I said about 5 times she doesnt have any nats or knots in her fur. Thats why I'm not concerned on me grooming her wrong. She gets scared at the groomers, and I've only got 2 local that I would trust with a cat. She's very laid back and doesnt like a lot of motion and can get fearful with new people. Thats why I'm always patient with her, I'm going to try grooming her at feeding time and see If it helps or not. Thanks for everybodys advice.
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Sometimes they just won't accept grooming no matter how many times or ways to try to establish a routine and make it as pleasant as possible for them with treats, etc.

Like you, my longhair hates it with a passion. He will become very aggressive and hiss, bite, etc. when I get the combs near him. He does mat without it, so I do it every day, for about 30 seconds on his trouble areas. I do wear gloves during this process, and I do still get scratched and bitten, sometimes quite badly. He gets treats every time, and is done in the same location every time.

I have been working on this process for about six months now. I've come to realize that he simply will never change when it comes to grooming. I just do it as quickly and least invasive as I can, and as long as I do it daily he doesn't get mats. It will never be a pleasant experience for either of us though. I hope your kitty will eventually adjust better than mine!
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See she has long hair so she has to be groomed daily. I hate restraining her with putting a harness on her. But If I dont she wont let me with out a pleasant little bite or scratch. Then her hair gets all matted and tangled and she looks like a puff ball. THEN I have to cut her hair, its not pretty.

This is from your 1st post - reread it and tell me that your cat doesn't have mats. If you are cutting her hair she has mats/tangles!
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Thats correct If I do NOT groom her. She still gets groomed regardless, but I dont "restrain" her to do so. If you dont like my methods, you simply to not have to read or post. Thats your choice, but I will not be forced to agree with anything I do not. So thank you for your advice, I understand what your saying. But I'm not going to argue with you about "my" cat. I think she will tolerate it AlleyGirl, she's never "really" hurt me. Then I would just hand her to a pro and be like "good luck" lol. Any medical expenses... ughh tab me :p
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My Maine Coone loves his ZoomGroom so much all I have to do is pick it up and he runs over.
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I have a cat that hates brushes but is OK with the comb.

I've had other cats that learn to deal with, and in a couple of cases, learn to like a brush. One thing is to notice if they like being brushed/combed in one area, and making a habit of working there the most with occasional "slips" to elsewhere on them until they get more tolerant of the grooming.

Another is to try different brushes and combs until one works. I have about two dozen cat grooming tools I've accumulated over the years. I much prefer combs now, though I used to be a brush user, and cats seem to take to the combs better, but not all of them. Among my collection are a plastic curry comb, a dog grooming brush, and some oddball specialty brushes.

One cat had to give the brush a good sniffing every so many strokes.

On forcing the issue, I've always used the "momma cat" routine, pinning them down like their mother did when she cleaned them, treating them pretty much the same way. I don't tolerate sharp outbursts or violence, they get a sharp "No!", a firm hold by the scruff for a moment if necessary, then I continue working. Sometimes a stroking down with a warm damp washcloth can give them an "attitude adjustment." I work them over from face to tail just like a momma cat. As long as they're tolerating things, I sweet talk them, even if they're griping a bit.

Good luck. Like so much with cats there's no fixed formula.
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I also have a long hair, she hated being groomed with anything until I bought the ZoomGroom, now she lays down in front of the table where I keep all their combs and wants to be brushed. Sometimes I catch her going over to the table and just rubbing her face on the ZoomGroom until I give in and give her a good grooming!!
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