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Cross your fingers?

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Tonight is the night the fiance and I are going to talk to MIL about buying her house. She's been trying to sell for a while - to her own sister - who can't afford to buy it, let alone run it. We're desperate to get out of the apartment now so that we can both have a decent night's sleep for once. Ok, the garden and the space will be a HUGE bonuse too, but sleeeeeep is our main concern! We're hoping that she's going to be agreeable to selling to us instead. Please can we ask for some "GET THE HOUSE" vibes?!
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there you go..some vibes..
I can't cross my fingers and type though..I've tried it..
doesn't work
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Best of luck to you!
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Oh my gosh, yes, what a wonderful thing that would be! Many vibes!
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Sending many "get the house" vibes for you

That would just be awesome!
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Good luck!
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Hope she agrees! It would make more sense to sell it to someone who can afford to run it properly

Good Luck!
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How exciting! Hope it goes well! Fingers crossed
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Hope you get the house!
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