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Releasing tame cats

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This question is mostly geared toward folks involved in TNR, but I'm also interested in other opinions too. What are your thoughts are releasing tame cats after they've been fixed back to a site where they will have have food and shelter and receive medical care if needed. I'm asking because it's something I struggle with. As many of you already know, I've ended up trapping several tame cats over the past couple of years in a local neighborhood, along with a number of ferals. So far, I haven't been able to bring myself to release the tame cats so, after after trying to find their owners (having them scanned for microchips, flyers, newspapers ads, etc...) and having them fixed, vaccinated, tested, etc... have found them homes (thanks to a lot of luck and TCS vibes!). The rescue that I work with has been very supportive and leaves the decision up to me, but I've also had several people who do TNR encourage me to release the cats even if they're tame because, as we all know, their aren't enough homes to go around.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Well Eileen I have a very good friend who was very involved in TNR here.
I've lost count on exactly how many cats she trapped but I do know that there was an old vacant building just drown the street from her shop.
From that building alone she trapped over 100 cats.
I don't know how many cats were originally dumped there but as you can imagine when none of them were altered the numbers just went through the roof.

The clinic that she worked with all of a sudden told her that she couldn't bring any more cats there, when she asked why they told her it was because they found out that she wasn't returning all the cats to the places they where they came from.
She explained that the ones that were tame had been adopted into good indoor/ non declaw homes....I used to tell her that it was harder to get a cat or kitten from her that it was to adopt a human child!

They didn't see things her way and have never allowed her back to the clinic.
Needless to say she was heartbroken in her mind and in mine she was doing the right thing by finding the tame cats homes.

So in my opinion if you can find the tames ones homes and the group you work with has no problem with it then I say go for it.
You're giving them a much better chance at a long, happy and healthy life by finding them homes rather then returning them.

Just my two cents.
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I know of a group here that if a cat is outdoors they will trap it and bring it to the sanctuary. Microchip or not. When the weather goes below 50 and during the rainy season they are out in their vans every night picking up cats.
Our excellent 24 hour emergency animal hospital will treat strays for free. Their bills are steep for owned cats but it is worth it knowing they are providing service to strays.
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