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Question of the Day - April 14th!

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tomorrow is tax day!

Here's Rigel's Monday question fro you all!

- So my friends, maybe this would be a utopia question or a fantasy and silly question but imagine if this would be possible…:
The question is:
If you have just one chance to say a phrase and this would be heard by all the world,…What would you say?....

I would say "Do unto others as ye would have done unto you"

I think everyone needs to put a little more consideration into how they treat others
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Wow - that's a REALLY hard question.... I think I would have to say either "Karma's a bitch" or "Try looking through the other person's eyes before passing judgement"
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It's nothing profound or anything like that but I wish people could just BE NICE!
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
It's nothing profound or anything like that but I wish people could just BE NICE!
...Eva you stole my thought!.....

I was going to write:

"Be excelent to each others and with your pets & the rest of the Animals too!"

That would be my phrasal!
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I wish it would be heard and believed.

I would say, "Realize how profound your actions negative and positive are to children, the elderly and all animals. Then choose to to the right thing towards all. "

It breaks my heart to see anyone mistreated, but especially the 3 above.
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Mine is along the lines of everyone else..Don't judge one another, have compassion for each other. Something like that.
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I don't know what I would say. I think if I had something to say that would be heard by the whole world... it would be complete silence. I don't have words enough to tell the world what a cruel and cold place it is. In a world where children starve, where they lose their parents to disease or war, where they have no safe place to sleep, where animals are still treated as "things" to be thrown away when they're no longer "cute", in a world where people spend more time killing eachother because they are different, or because of a difference in opinion or belief... what is there to say? If we put half as much effort into getting to know and understand one another, and into making eco-friendly products, the world would already be a much nicer place to be.

If I had to make the whole world hear, I would ask them to listen.
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Mine would be.......

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Treat all animals with love, God created them too.
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Think before you act, you actions impact the world.
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I think I'd like to say:
Treat your animals like you'd treat your kids. They are not a toy or something to get rid of at the first sign of inconvenience, they are part of the family for a long time to come. Teaching kids that it is ok to "get rid of or replace" a pet at the first sign of problems makes the child think that it is ok to do this when it is not. Also, spay and neuter them, there are enough animals in shelters, don't add to the problem.
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War is not the answer.
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One of my favorite ideals has always been,
See the changes that needed in the world and make yourself an example.
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I would shout unto the heavens......

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treat others like you would want to be treated
and also those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks
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