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weird eye

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I nearly had a heart attack when i got in the other night. Samson was asleep on my partners knee, he woke up and came running over to me like always, except his left eye was closed, and his right one open, his entire left side seemed to be still asleep! as soon as he woke up though and started playing he looked absolutley fine.

He has been such a healthy kitten and he has never shown any signs of illness, i was so worried. it hasnt been as bad since at all! but he still opens it last and closes it first... his lovely inteligent understanding eyes look kinda dopey and hilarious now

My first thoughts were that he had had a stroke! seems funny now. Chances are he just ran into something in his kittenish play.

It seems to be healing ok and every day it seems a bit better. Am i right to leave it or should i get it checked out?
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Mary has this sometimes but I am told that it is nothing to worry about if it goes away and everything else is ok.
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resurect the thread rather than start a new one...

It hasnt gone away. Its only there when he is sleepy. Its not causing him any discomfort at all. Is it just part of his physiology or is there a problem causing it?

It makes him look drunk!
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When in doubt i would pay a visit to your vet and they'll check his eyes. It's sounds like nothing, but only a vet will confirm it
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he has to go anyway really. He wont be neutered for another 2 months but its good to get acquaintance before the fact.
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